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Several rayist sahedes call for “damages” for a suspension with which they are “unhappy” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Several rayist sahedes call for "damages" for a suspension with which they are "unhappy" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Reactions to the Lightning-Albacete suspension last Sunday continue. Now it’s the turn of ten rocks (Rayista Planteta, La Mala Vida, Scattered, Rivas, 2004, Disabled, Rayp Clash, Piti, La Franja Vallekana and Beodos) and ADRV shareholdersWho have issued a joint statement clarifying some aspects regarding the controversy raised with the ‘Zozulia Case’, which is still pending the competition ruling.

Here’s the full announcement:

“Due to the barrage of information being disseminated by the club and certain media after the suspension of the match between Rayo and Albacete, from the rocks below signatories we want to make clear our position on this:

-The Rayive hobby is against people who represent values like those publicly expressed by Zozulia in our society.
-From the freedom of expression that assists us, the majority of the hobby expressed its stance of disapproval. We regret whether expressions were ever produced or released that, beyond a semantic discussion, can be understood as insults.

The facts are clear:

-There was no throwing of items, risk of invasion, nor any security risk that would motivate the suspension of the match.
-The propred chants were produced practically throughout the stadium, not just from the bottom.
-There are many precedents in LaLiga matches where in situations with expressly racist, sexist or violent chants have never resulted with the suspension of the match.

For all of the above, we show our dissatisfaction with the decision to suspend the match, as well as the possible consequences that arise from this situation. Similarly, we asked the entities responsible for the suspension to compensate the relevant compensation for the damages caused to the spectators who attended the Stadium of Vallecas on Sunday and were unable to enjoy the spectacle for which they had paid corresponding entry or credit.

Our club and our ward have not taught to have values and we stand for them loud and clear.
Courage, courage and nobility.”