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SEVILLA FC 1×1 from Seville: Banega takes the baton of a soloist orchestra – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Lopetegui revolutionized the leadership by shifting to the three points that were headlines against Leganes. Franco Vázquez, Nolito and De Jong left Munir, Óliver and Chicharito, while Fernando returned to midfield after his injury. After suffering in the first half, he failed to win in the second.

Vaclik: He gave the impression that he could do something else to Osasuna's goal, but blaming him is just unfair. Once again safe from above.

Navas: This shows that he is not physically targeted and is forcing to play every day. However, he ended up hanging one ball after another in the Osasuna area.

Koundé: Conditioned by a yellow from the tenth minute, his game was generally good, except for his mistake in measuring the pot in a play that ended up shooting Osasuna's bat. It was replaced.

Diego Carlos: Less dominant than usual, he suffered more from the bill but knew how to recover.

Reguilón: The goal comes to his side, but the team is confused leaving after a corner kick. He rose with discretion and visibly closed his band.

Fernando: As always, doing everything right. Which player.

Banega: He put the tails on, took the baton, and directed the orchestra. He only counted for an assist in the game because his teammates failed to score the numerous goal passes he served.

Joan Jordan: He could press Osasuna in the center of the field. He had little contact with the ball and left the field at the time of the game.

Munir: A goal and constant danger. He asked for a ticket.

Chicharito: Without any luck, he was chosen for missed occasions.

Oliver: It started out very cold, and although it was sung over the minutes, it never finished connecting to the game.


Sedge: He brought his experience in the second half to stop the team suffering.

Franco Vázquez: Criteria and quality, they scored a sung goal.

Dabbur: If you play in Seville, you have to beat him somehow, that's what Dabbur showed in the minutes he was on the grass.

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