Spanish football

Seville and Espanyol, seeded; the Getafe, in front of the ‘cocos’ – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


At the end of the group phase, Europa League, the three Spanish teams in the competition have achieved the pass to sixteenth finals: Seville, Espanyol and Getafe. Andalusians and Catalans have achieved it as the first and will be seeded in the draw of the next Monday, December 16 Nyon, Switzerland, 1:00 p.m.. Meanwhile, the Getafe you will be in the other hype and in addition, to play the first leg in your stadium, you will have, a priori, more complicated teams in your way as potential rivals.

Shield/Flag Seville

The hype 1 is made up of the 12 team champions of the group in the Europa League plus the top four bounced thirds of the Champions League. Sevilla and Espanyol are seeded and would have a more affordable rival in the next phase. Rome, Sporting De Portugal Or Bayer Leverkusen presuppose the most difficult opponents.

Shield/Spanish Flag

The hype 2, where the Getafe, is made up of the other 12 teams ranked second in the group stage of the Europa League plus the four worst thirds from the Champions League. For the People of Bordalás, the draw can give them a very tough opponent. Teams such as the Manchester United, Arsenal, Celtic, Porto, Ajax, Benfica Or Inter Milan could visit the Coliseum.

Shield/Flag Getafe

Bass drum 1: Seville; Malmoe, Basel, Linz, Celtic, Arsenal, Porto, Espanyol, Gent, Basaksehir, Braga, Manchester United, Ajax, Red Bull Salzburg, Inter and Benfica.

Bass drum 2: APOEL, Copenhagen, Getafe, Sporting Portugal, Cluj, Eintracht, Rangers, Ludogorets, Wolfsburg, Roma, Wolves, AZ Alkmaar, Bayer Leverkusen, Shakhtar, Olympiacos and Bruges.

There are conditions in the 16th-year draw and no team will be able to face their rival in the group stage or a club from their own country. First leg matches will be played on Thursday 20 February and return matches on 27 February. The draw of the round of 16 will be held on 28 February.