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Six centrals in Almeria on August 30, one in front of Mirandés – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The UD Almería summer was the least usual of its 30 years of history. The change of ownership revolutionized the club's current situation during the month of August without reaching maximum clearance before joining, so Pedro Emanuel, who relieved Oscar Fernández, barely had two weeks to prepare for the championship debut. Thus, in late August, the team had a surplus, leaving several players in the last hours. Two of them were the Tano Bonnín and Peybernes factories, acquired the same summer. (former Osasuna was the first signature of the summer). The Portuguese coach had six centrals, leaving the French to Lugo in the form of attribution and signing the Spanish dominated by Rapid Bucharest mid September.

The EP had four plants, in the case of Juan Ibiza, Owona, Maras and Ozornwafor, although in practice there are three, as the African barely participated in Riazor (24 minutes), reducing your presence to three calls. Even the injuries made Iván Martos play central, ahead of the Galatasaray player (UDA paid about 200,000 euros for his transfer), who will come out in the winter market unless it is surprise, not capital. Ibiza, meanwhile, will lose the rest of the season when the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee is broken.

Almeria Coat of Arms / Flag

This way and with Ozornwafor in ostracism José María Gutiérrez barely has Owona and Maras at the center of the defense. Nonetheless, Torrejón de Ardoz surprised him by sitting the Serb, one of the team's pillars, two weeks ago by placing midfielder César de la Hoz alongside Owona with the goal to make a ball more fluid from the initiation zone. In Tenerife, partly because of Petrovic's injury, the Cantabrian returned to his natural position, making Owona and Maras the center pair.

The surprise jumped this noon by calling Jose Maria Gutierrez. If Ozornwafor is already a common affair, the strange thing was to see Owona off the list. receive tomorrow (20:00 hours) to Mirandés, in a list in which there is only one central. The Cameroonian normally exercised in the open door session in the annex, without noticing any kind of disease from the outside. In fact, Almeria did not report that & # 39; 24 & # 39 ;, which attended thirteen meetings, losing the rest due to injury, feels discomfort. Like this JMG will form again with De la Hoz as its center, praying that neither he nor Maras will be hurt or sanctioned.