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SmartBank League Anger between Lugo's predilection for price and subscriber relocation – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Shield / Flag of Lugo

As controversy still raged over the management of derby tickets against Deportivo de La Coruña, Lugo fans again showed their anger at the club, this time over the sale of seats for next Sunday's match against Sporting de La Coruna. Gijón. This time, complaints focus on price and the fact that General 2 subscribers, who pay for one location throughout the season, will have to be relocated unilaterally to the southern fund.

Concerning the price of tickets, this ranges from 25 euros from the North Fund to 35 euros from the Preference and Tribune (children pay ten euros anywhere in the stadium), and will be sold in a first phase until Saturday 14 For subscribers who wish get an additional ticket until Friday at 20:00, with a maximum of two per card.In the second phase, on the same game day after 15:00, the general public can participate With a ticket with the same price.

But what has most unnerved General 2 subscribers is the obligation to relocate and move south, away from their usual location for which they pay an annual card. Although this measure was already announced as possible during the signing campaign, it will be against Sporting when it is first performed. The club explained in a press release that "the party is among those declared as 'high demand', so that the positions of General 1 and General 2 are intended for visiting fans." In addition, he did not like the fact that resettlers will have to go through the club offices to make them effective. Sporting de Gijón is usually the team that fans the most with Anxo Carro, and the reduced capacity of the extra South Fund has led Lugo to shockingly decide to move its own subscribers to make room for foreigners.