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SmartBank League | Carcelén, the player with the most minutes from Cádiz – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Shield / Flag Cadiz

Although participation is more than distributed to the LaLiga SmartBank leader, whether by sanctions or injuries, the numbers reflect that there are several "untouchable" players for Álvaro Cervera. Ten players exceed 1,000 minutes played, nine not counting Alberto Cifuentes who accumulates 1,620 minutes in his gloves. Instead, as a field player, Iza Carcelén is the player with the most minutes on his legs, with a total of 1,702.

The right back is having a great season defending the yellow elastic, his contribution in attack and defense is being essential for Cadiz to be at the top of the table. It is followed in the ranking by midfielder Álex Fernández with 1,657 minutes played. Madrid, in addition to contributing to the pressure work, took command this season, in which they are playing in a more advanced position. The & # 39; Pacha & # 39; Espino closes & # 39; Top 3 & # 39; of minutes with 1,589. The Uruguayan is being another pillar of the team.

In fourth place, the injuries prevented Salvi Sánchez from accumulating more minutes, although the fast right back added 1,437 minutes ahead of Jon Ander Garrido. The anchor man is an important element for Cervera when injuries respect him. The same goes for Fali (1,170 minutes) and José Mari (1,114), whose contributions contributed enough to the team. The roteño, at the moment, recovers of an operation in the collarbone. Choco Lozano (1062) and Alberto Perea (1000) close this rank of field players with a thousand or more minutes.

A distribution of numbers in which all players have been able to adapt to a clear philosophy of play, but this increases the importance of teams for Alvaro Cervera. Iza Carcelén and Espino, who were also relieved by Quezada's downtime and Akapo's recovery, are now undisputed players for the coach. Álex Fernández remains a key man for the yellow team.