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SmartBank league The agreement between the UDA and the board includes the precarious transfer of Juan Rojas – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


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Juan Rojas camp has not been isolated from controversy in recent years in Almeria sports. Specifically, it has been one of the most controversial facilities in the city. Some clubs have requested its use in the city of Almeria, being denied, by aluminum, the same space where AD Almería held a promotion in June 1979 and where Alfonso García intended to create one of the most powerful sports cities of the old continent. It is now home to the URA, a rugby team that competes in the Honor Division B. Thus, it stands out that in the collaboration agreement between the Almeria City Sports Council and the Almería UD Juan Rojas is included for his precarious occupation.

Noteworthy is the concession agreement for the Mediterranean Games Stadium and other municipal facilities between the PMD and the UDA. The appearance of Juan Rojas is due to the fact that the agreement between both parties is not only limited to the first team of the rojiblanco, but also to the basic teams, which are training in the sporting city of Los Angeles., by reaching another collaboration agreement with CD Oriente. So it is surprising to use it in the latest facilities and not in Juan Rojas, a field that the Almeria quarry could use.

UD Almería may have as many sessions of use as the Mediterranean Games Stadium, Annex and Juan Rojas (as well as the Mediterranean weight room), as signed by the agreement signed by Almeria PMD President and Mayor Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, and the director general of UD Almería, Mohamed El Assy. The number of weekly exercises will be subject to the conditions of each field, signing of the agreement because the activity of the rojiblanco club "is essential for proper management of the same disposal" of the three facilities. They are transferred precariously and must bear the maintenance and security expenses of the entity..

In the fifth stipulation of the agreement, UD Almería's obligations, it can be read that the latter must review the additional stands placed on the Mediterranean athletics tracks in both funds, which should be reviewed when the course expires. : "The UDA will be required to conduct an annual review, after the season ends, of all removable mounts installed in the main field. […], in which it is informed of the review carried out and in which it is indicated that the use of the booths meets, in addition to the soundness criteria, what is indicated in the police regulations and in the shows " […]"

For its part, the stipulated sanctions regime says that the damage caused by Almeria in some of the facilities is fined by the municipality. The light penalty carries a fine ranging from 60 1 1 to 3,005 06 06 euros; the tomb, between 3,005 07 07 and 15,025 3 3; and the very serious ones, between 15,025 € 3 and 30,050 € 6.

The agreement between the municipality of Almeria and the new UDA properties has a maximum duration of one season, expiring on August 31, 2020. On that date, Turki Al-Sheikh he hopes that the work on improving the Mediterranean Games Stadium is practically on track. Saudi Sheikh intends to buy stadium, which will renovate this summer. "Any reform or modification […] Facilities must be supervised by municipal technicians […]", you can read in the agreement. The first steps will be to reform the outside of the feud where UD Almería operates, with the goal being avant-garde installation of the most modern of the old continent and similar to the colossi of Bilbao and Munich. In terms of infrastructure, the construction of the Sports City in La Vega de Acá, one of Alfonso García's unfulfilled promises, is also planned.