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SmartBank League ? “What hasn’t changed in the Elche is the intensity of his game” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


SmartBank League ? "What hasn't changed in the Elche is the intensity of his game" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Iván Calero (Madrid, 1994) will once again set foot in Illicit lands. In this case, as a rival. He does so without a grudge and grateful for the opportunity given by elche to return to Spain. He happens to be one of the best sides of Segunda, after Nico Rodriguez gave him the letter of freedom in summer.

He returns to Martínez Valero considered one of the best right sides of the category. A few months after your goodbye, how do you feel?

The first thing I have to say is that I’m happy to go back to Elche. There I lived a very good year, personally and collectively. We achieved promotion to Second Division and I am very grateful to the three coaches I had: Vicente Mir, Josico and Pacheta.

Elche was the club was where he converted to side…

Yes, with Vicente Mir (he already did it with Bernat at the Mestalla). I used to act as a winger on the left wing and Gabriel Corozo’s injury, who was a right-back, offered me the option to play there. I recognize that at first it did not dominate defensive concepts and patience had to be applied. In the end, I got it and now I’m happy occupying this demarcation.

Did it hurt that Elche didn’t give him the opportunity to return to the team after his excellent season in Segunda División B with Salamanca?

As the season progressed, Jorge Cordero, who was the one who signed me and then was the transgaming.orging director, called me to tell me that they wanted to renew me and extend my contract. Then, when everything changed, my manager was told that they were not counting on me. It’s all right, I’ve always been calm. He played for an Entity similar to Elche in Salamanca. I terminated my contract and the Numancia option appeared to me, where I am now happy.

Did anyone explain the reasons?

No, it was all through my agent. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Pacheta. On Sunday I will see him and like the other companions who follow from Second B, who are many, will give me great joy to greet them again.

Do you keep in touch with the Elche’s locker room?

The one I was talking to the most was Gonzalo Villar, who left. I’m very happy for him because those opportunities change your life and can’t be wasted.

Is the Elche de Pacheta very different from the one you met in the year of the promotion to Segunda?

Then we played a lot long to Sory Kaba, also to take advantage of the speed of extremes like Josan, Collantes or Iván Sánchez. Now it’s a team to take it out more from behind and do it less in length. What does remain unchanged is the intensity and desire imposed by the team on each ball.

Do you consider Elche a direct opponent in the promotion fight?

Elche is in a different league than Numancia. We aim to maintain the category and add the 50 points. Now we have several days without winning, but we keep from mid-table up (they are ninth). That means we’re doing things right.

But the Elche also maintains that’s its goal: 50 points.

Yes, but the Elche has a larger budget and high-potential players who aspire to be up there.

Finally, do you expect a good reception?

Of course. I gave everything I had at the Elche. I played 20 official matches, which is not bad for an under-23 footballer. I felt one more of that promotion season and now I wish you the best, it can’t be any other way.