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SPORT The goal is to win the last two games of 2019 – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The triumph over Ponferradina has returned the illusion of sportinguism, which marks their team's goal of winning the last two games left to end the year. and the first round. With six points, Sporting would avoid signing the worst record in the last decade.

José Alberto's team occupies the 15th position of the table with 22 points, eight of the & # 39; playoff & # 39; and numbers very similar to seven years ago. The precedent of a similar situation is found in the 2012-13 season, which started Manolo Sánchez Murias and José Ramón Sandoval continued when Gijón's coach was interrupted after the ninth day of the championship.

That season, on this 19th day, Sporting won two points (24), with the same number of defeats (7). The goal balance for and against the current is better (+1 today by -1 then), but Sandoval's team scored seven more goals (25).

In the last two days to complete the first round, this team has drawn two draws to place the current fifteenth position with 26 points. This number will be reached in the current campaign with a win and a draw over Lugo and Extremadura.

Shield / Flag Sporting

How did this season end? Sandoval Sporting closed the year in 10th place with 56 points, ten of the 'playoffs'.

La Mareona Mobilization

The popular 'Mareona', as the transportation hobby is called, will move again next weekend, this time with over a thousand fans who will be spotted at Anxo Carro's stalls.

Fifty rojiblancas rocks organized this trip to end José Alberto López's team in the last match of this league before the end of the year. Specifically, there are 32 clubs belonging to Peñas Federation and 17 of the other Peñistas group, Unipes, the groups that will make this trip to the Galician lands.

Despite the team classification and the difficulties they have been facing in recent seasons in their travels, either by restricting tickets that are offered for sale or by stringent security measures in some cases, la Mareona keeps answering to be by his team. In the last match for Miranda de Ebro, over a thousand fans who defied rain and cold have already been noticed in Anduva