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SPORTING Eloy Olaya, tribute to fellow legend – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


O Sporting Veterans Association celebrates this Saturday in Gijón its annual meeting which, in this edition, will feature Eloy Olaya, one of the legendary football players in the history of the club rojiblanco, in his best years, and one of the first young players of Mareo.

Eloy Jose Olaya Prendes (Gijón, 10-07-64) debuted at Sporting with only 15 years, in a match of the Copa del Rey against Turón. They had to spend, however, another three years before he joined the first rojiblanca team, where he added nearly 250 games in two different stages (1982-1988 and 1995-1997).

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* Data updated on December 5, 2019

Eight seasons as a sportinguista completed Eloy, with parenthesis through no less than seven campaigns in Valencia (1988-1995). His retirement came after two years in Badajoz (1996-1998), ending a 17-season career in professional football, with over 430 Primera Division games and nearly 100 goals in his career.

As an international, He was the UEFA European Under-21 Champion in 1986, the year he also played the World Cup in Mexico, where he eventually became the protagonist.. The penalty that failed against Belgium in the deciding round that gave the semifinals pass will always chase him, because wherever he goes, there is always someone who remembers him.

Sportinguista from the cradle, Eloy Olaya retired from the field He returned home in 2001 to take care of a technical secretary, where he opted for an unknown Marcelino García Toral who almost promoted Sporting at Primera. Five years later, the bankruptcy case in which the entity was immersed and the decision of the court administrators to include it in the employment regulation file forced him to leave Sporting almost out the back door. Eloy left quietly, quietly from a club that has been indebted to him ever since.

This weekend you will appreciate the tribute of your former teammates. the day of the reunion of the former glory.