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by: Adam Smith


Votes for the 20th matchday of the Fueball-Bundesliga

At FC Bayern not everything was gold, was glant, although the Munchner in Mainz went off the field with 3-1 as the winner. Coach Hansi Flick had to complain especially at half-time 2 he. At BVB, gl-snitty becomes after the third success with funf goals in a row. Accordingly, the mood was good – quite different from Werder Bremen or Bayer Leverkusen. There was also a need for discussion during RB Leipzig’s match against Gladbach. The votes for the matches of the 20th matchdays of the Fueball-Bundesliga.

RB Leipzig vs Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-2

Marco Rose (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach)

… On the game: “We scored a point here and in all respects a strong first half. We did it top against the ball and bravewith the ball. We want to carry on like this and remain courageous. In the second half we played strongly. I’m happy with the performance of my team. We really care that we didn’t win in the end. I have to respect the guys for being part of a racy top game.’

… On the 1-0 goal: “That was a very good attack and in the end a very nice goal. The first thought must always be to play the ball deep.”

… on the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa: “I don’t want to say. That’s what it’s and everyone’s going to have their opinion on it. After that, it was very difficult for ten of them.

… On his yellow card: “I was on the ground twice in the excited whole game when players of ours were lying on the ground with a head injury. I just want people to interrupt the game. As I have, it’s too much and means a yellow card.”

Yann Sommer (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

… On the 1:2 counter-attack: “We would have a lot of chaos in front of our goal. It was unattractive and Denis couldn’t get away. It’s just disgusting, I wasn’t mistaken.’

… On the game: “We played an outstanding half. We didn’t allow and played an unbelievably good counter-pressing. The red card broke our neck. To run behind ten against a very good team is very predatory. At some point, a luncke will come up.”

… on the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa: “I think that in such a top game there is also a bit of fingertips. Emotions go to the football ball. The referee didn’t give me much to make the decision.’

Jonas Hofmann (Torschetze Borussia Mönchengladbach)

… on the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa: “I don’t know if he was still said. But to give a yellow-red card for something like that: hat off. That was the game-deciding scene. If you give a yellow card there, I don’t know in which direction we still want to go. You can already show a bit of fingertips. It’s very, very bitter.’

… to the game: “We don’t go home with h-ngenden K-pfen. One point in Leipzig did not trust us everyone. Accordingly, we can call the self-dasself of today with the present. The first half-time war overtis. It is a pity that in the end such a Sunday shot goes in. So unfortunately we only have one point.”

Julian Nagelsmann (coach RB Leipzig)

… to the game: “We have the first sleepin in all the top games auer Schalke. I found until the first goal we were on eyebrow, it was very balanced. The second goal was a killer, after that we were already out. After the break we did well, made pressure even before the yellow-red card. In the end, the point was deserved, because we were already very strong against ten men.”

… On the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa “That’s not necessarily a yellow-red card – especially in such an important game not. New rule back and forth. It wasn’t dramatic. There was another Gladbacher who might have been more down than him.”

… “We did exactly the same thing tactically in the second half as before,”” he said.

… On the hustle and bustle during the week: “When there’s a lot going on around a club, it’s always a bit distracting.”

… on Nkunku: “He already has two or three good actions in front of his goal. He’s tricky and has an extremely good hoof.’

… on his dispute with Matthias Ginter: “I did not knowingly push him away. I think I’ve kind of been re-ened into it. It was a mismatch.”

… on his findings of the first three round-up games: “There is still a long way to go and we always have to go to our limits to be successful.”

Yussuf Poulsen (RB Leipzig)

… On the game: “We made far too many mistakes in the first half. Man can make mistakes, but then you have to be ready to bend them straight. We weren’t before the break. We did that better in the second half and played a lot straight. With the quick connection gate, we got them a little shaky. With the red card we were even more over-the-dark. Through the second half we get deservedly back.”

… on the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa: “He gives the referee the opportunity to do that. But it’s a bit of a bit of a natural thing. By the rules, the referee probably did everything right.”

… on his change: “I just want to go in, give gas and join the other. There wasn’t enough fire on the pitch in the first half. We then flooded the box with two big stubborn cores and put Gladbach under good pressure.”

Tobias Stieler (arbitrator)

… on the yellow-red card of Alassane Pléa: “There is not so much to discuss. He didn’t get a free-spin and then waved it off. Then he got the yellow card. This yellow card did not accept and repeated it. He has repeatedly shown no respect and has not shown any respect and has therefore received yellow-red. I can’t understand why a player, when he’s received a yellow card, continues to make off-putting gestures. There have been worse scenes. The clubs are once again informed of their role model function. We referees are called upon to punish these untransgaming.orgsmanlike things more consistently. I’m not going to be the one who breaks that commitment. This was absolutely not a role model for the amateur fu ball. The map was a consequence of the stricter interpretation since the winter break. Such scenes are also about the image of the football ball. We will continue to punish this.”

… on Marco Rose’s yellow card: “He complained of a foul and left the coaching zone. This is a yellow card. Unlike his player, he took them like a man and didn’t complain.’

1. FSV Mainz 05 – FC Bayern Munich 1:3

Achim Beierlorzer (coach FSV Mainz 05)

… On the game: “We have to invest everything in this game. My player absolutely did that. The lack of time is also due to Bayern Munich’s individual quality.”

… On the refused handshake of customer: “This has something to do with respect, the coach clapping off. He didn’t make a good play. Then you have to accept it and preserve the continuance.”

Ridle Baku (FSV Mainz 05) …

… on the game: “It was a good performance at the back. We did not surrender, but resisted. At the end of the day, there are some positive aspects. We also have our scoring chances, with a little glunck maybe more in it.”

Rouven Schröder (Sports Board FSV Mainz 05) …

… On the customer’s refused handshake: “At that moment the respect was not there. However, the player noticed relatively quickly that he was on the wrong track. He knows that he has to apologise. It was just a game.”

Thomas Müller (Torschetze FC Bayern Munich) …

… On the dispute between Goretzka and Boateng: “The coach has thought about something special with the tournament. We have extra external even referees and prizes were awarded, so the motivation was already high. Finale then a small situation from the back of the final has rocked up. We saw the pictures and the reaction. There it was humanin both directions. Basically Jerome and Leon understand each other well and have outofed this. But we don’t want to see anything like this.”

Hansi Flick (coach FC Bayern Munich) …

… On the game: “We don’t have our performance today. We measure this critically and show the players in the analysis.”

… On the top game against Leipzig: “Leipzig will win, of that we will. We have a home game. We’ll prepare well and then just look, it happened on Sunday.”

David Alaba (FC Bayern Munich) …

… “There’s still a long way to go this season,” he said. We just want to go from game to game and do it successfully. In the end, we naturally want to be at the top.”

Borussia Dortmund 5-0 Union Berlin

Lucien Favre (coach Borussia Dortmund): “We did it very, very well. We had very good ball conquests. We are of our great satisfaction.”

Erling Haaland (Double Gate-tze Borussia Dortmund)

… on linguistic communication with his teammates: “We do this in English. But the most important thing is that we are on the pitch instinctively understand – as it is today.”

… on his starting eleven: “It was very hard, but it was already. I’ve got to get fitter, but that’s coming – about games. I’m not at 100 percent yet.’

Sebastian Kehl (Head of The Borussia Dortmund License Player Division)

… On the dissatisfaction of Hakimi and Reus with their substitutions: “The boys want to play as much as they like. Everyone is fighting for their place. The competition here is high, we have a strong bank. Man must then accept it. I’m going to talk to Marco again, it was war at that moment.”

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin)

… On the game: “Whether you lose 2-0 or 5-0, the haste lost. That is not so decisive. It just wasn’t enough of us. Dortmund’s quality and speed are already very good.”

Neven Subotic (Union Berlin)

… to his to Dortmund: “The moment with the solar curve has happened for the second time. That I never thought they would celebrate me like that again. I will not forget that all my life. They just shaved my life’s work yesterday.”

1899 Hoffenheim 2-1 Bayer Leverkusen

Peter Bosz (coach Bayer Leverkusen): “The win for Hoffenheim is at the end because we did it very badly. That’s why the de-tit-uschung is also very groo. I’m very critical of my team today because it was unsustainable. Normally we measure the game winning.”

Alfred Schreuder (coach TSG Hoffenheim): “We are a big step forward in our development. The guys did it very, very well and showed great passion. The energy and mentality in the team was huge today.”

Benjamin Hunner (CapitaTSG Hoffenheim)

… On the question of whether goalkeeper Philipp Pentke is the man of the match: “Was hei’t yesterday man of the match. He didn’t hold on to any, he just let them all clap. I was sure that he was one or the other of the times. Spae rad: He was absolutely our best today. He has shown incredible parades. He’s still humble and doesn’t want to be on the fence, even though the fans have him.’

Fortuna Dusseldorf – Eintracht Frankfurt 1:1

Adi Hontter (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): “An absolute gl-like point. In the end, I am of great satisfaction, the performance was not good. Düsseldorf has shown that they can play football very well. This has to a large extent to do with us. In our situation, it is important to bring such a point.”

Kevin Trapp (goalkeeper Eintracht Frankfurt)

… to the game: “Today you also have to say: Düsseldorf is ahead and we are last in the table. That was just not us today. That’s where we measure the point to be gl-like.”

Lutz Pfannenstiel (Sports Board Member Fortuna Düsseldorf)

… “This is of a heart. We played him 90 minutes of good football and were maybe even the better team. Unfortunately, we didn’t play counter chances cleanly at the end. In the end, it’s an inch decision. So it’s only a 1:1, although we did a lot of things right today.”

Uwe Rsler (Trainer Fortuna Düsseldorf)

… on his Debét: “I can only give my team a huge compliment. I’ve coached a few teams. But I have never experienced one that, after two days, has implemented my game idea against a very strong opponent in this way. We were the better team in all respects. We learn to measure ourselves too much. In the second half some players became mede. But we still had great counter chances and didn’t reward ourselves with the second goal.”

… “It was a difficult situation. The positive things should prevail. I am very proud of the team as they played in our situation football hat. My heart laughed.”

… On the video evidence: “In England this was tested in one of my cup games against Fleetwood Town, we were denied a goal. He doesn’t seem to be my friend yet” (laughs)

FC Augsburg – Werder Bremen 2-1

Martin Schmidt (coach FC Augsburg): “The first half was far too little. I made it clear during the break that we win and get our ass high. The team showed a reaction with a good second H-lfte. We’re now going into the next few games with Euphoria and Rackenwind.”

Florian Niederlechner (Torsch-tze FC Augsburg)

… on Martin Schmidt’s half-time address: “He hasn’t been that loud for a long time. But it was just the right thing to do, he woke us up. You saw that right when we came out. It was a very, very important home win for us, because we were able to narrow the gap on Bremen.”

Alfred Finnbogason (FC Augsburg)

… On the game: “If I scored three more goals, it would be a perfect birthday.” (laughs)

Florian Kohfeldt (Coach Werder Bremen): “We started well, in the first half a lot of that went up, we were ourselves. The defending was quite good, we forced the goal. The equalization was unlucky, but the 1:2 after a tee was the maximum. We measure much smarter. We are in a very, very difficult situation, but we will stay.”

Davie Selke (SV Werder Bremen)

… On the rest of the season: “It’s going to be a round where we’re going to knock everything out in every game. We know what the situation is and we know the seriousness of the situation. We are very positive that we are getting out of there again.”

… “Who is a special club for me. I am pleased to be here and help in this situation.”

Frank Baumann (Gesch-ftsf-hr Sport SV Werder Bremen)

… on the game: “I miss a lot of det-uschung. We have made a lot of plans. Everything was fine in the first half. We’ve gone into a lot of work, but we’ve certainly deserved it. It was definitely not enough in the second half.”

… on the problems in the Bremen game: “We don’t have the one starting point where we can say, we attack and everything gets better. We are not at our best level. Whether that’s on the defensive side, where we scored too easy goals again today. It is innocuous that we let ourselves be countered lying in féhrung. We give the chances for the opponent too easily. And at the same time, we’re not brave enough on offense in our own ball possession. For teams that are down there, that’s also a stick far normal. Nevertheless, we measure ourselves significantly better. We work on a daily basis to find the right sling. I think that with a successful experience you can find the net-like owning and the natural courage again. It can be a fight until the last day of play. We accept that.”

… on the current situation: “It’s dramatic. However, we still have time to sort this out. But we can’t just say it will happen at some point. But we measure ourselves to take this very much to heart. On Saturday against Union, only one victory is gold-plated – no matter how.”