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Stuani advances his Christmas gift: "I'll finish the season here" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Cristhian Stuani is missing the Second Division. Uruguayan striker already adds 16 points he's been in the season and his hat-trick against Lugo still gets in the way. No doubt he is the best player in the history of Girona and his fans have already finished adjectives to define it. too distill feeling red and white. With his numbers, it is not surprising that in the winter market offers accumulate, but he has already given his gift to fans of the Girona team. He said he doesn't think about leaving. Neither will. He is a man of his word and "I'm going to finish the season in Girona, I'm sure I want to go to First."


Girona Coat of Arms / Flag

Last summer, he pledged to remain at the rojiblanco club and wants to meet the goal of returning the club to the club. First: "I won't move. I made the decision to stay here to go upstairs and now it wouldn't make sense for me to leave." May people keep calm because I'm happy. "Their involvement is maximum and at a record pace. In his 15 games, he has scored 16 goals and everything indicates that he will spray his roof in a campaign, which are the 22 he reached with Albacete, also on Monday, 2009-10. Stuani's impact is brutal, but he wants more: "I'm very happy with my contribution, but I am a very hungry football player and I will keep trying to score goals and do anything to keep the team winning the matches. I'm here to do my best and that's what I want. I am minded to reach the maximum number of points, which is the priority. "

Stuani is piling up compliments and to verify its impact on the score this course is sufficient to compare it with the rest of the second and second sets is that he has the same goals, 16, as Malaga and more than Depor (15) and Albacete (14). He is one of Girona's great architects at cruising speed and Charrúa Point said, "I think winning Lugo has taken another step toward the goal. We need to seize the options when the rest of the teams fail and now let's focus on work. to Friday get another good result against Numancia. "Finally, he wanted to send a message of gratitude to the fans because" I feel his love and it's mutual. I realize the support they give me and it comforts me a lot. "