Euro 2020

Super Bowl and Champions League, an economic comparison – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


On Sunday, February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Miami 54th Super Bowl, or the final of the NFL Football Championship, which will pit the teams of the NFL San Francisco 49ers And Kansas City Chiefs.

The kick-off is scheduled for 6.30pm on Sunday 2 local time, i.e. 00.30 on Monday 3 February in Italy.

The Appointment with the Super Bowl offers us an important opportunity to make an economic comparison between the American football league and the Champions League of football.

Before we go into the analysis, here are some useful information for those who want to follow the Super Bowl on streaming or live TV.

Super Bowl streaming, how to follow the challenge between 49ers and Chiefs

Super Bowl 2020 will be streamed live in Italy by DAZN, the live-streamed transgaming.orgs event platform that has held the rights to the NFL football league since its arrival in Italy in 2018.

Waiting for the live Superbowl with the challenge between San Francisco 49ers And Kansas City, Kansas Chiefs, Said, DAZN will warm up the atmosphere with a series of NFL-style content that tells the stories of past and present protagonists with a focus on coaches and strategies implemented to get to the final; all accompanied by the comments of an expert such as Roberto Gotta.

Click here to subscribe to DAZN and follow the Super Bowl live stream.

In addition to the streaming Superbowl, the subscription to DAZN will allow you to follow three games of the Serie A football championship for each turo, all matches of the Serie B league, as well as the great international football with La Liga, Ligue 1, FA Cup, EFL League Cup, Eredivisie and Championship, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, Major League Soccer (MLS), Japan’s J1 League and Chinese Super League.

The DAZN subscription also includes as well as Moto 2, Moto 3 and Motogp 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Superbowl on TV, the NFL final live on Channel 20

The championship final Nfl will be broadcast – show of the interval – in the night between Sunday 2 and Monday 3 February 2020 on Channel 20.

The live Broadcast Broadcast broadcast of Superbowl on TV will be entrusted to Frederick Mastria with the support of the technical commentary of Alessandro Trabattoni, former Head Coach of the Rhinos Milan.

No problem for those who do not want to do the small hours and still want to watch the Superbowl on TV: Monday 3 February 2020 at 6pm on Channel 20 will air a wide summary of the match.

NFL and Champions League, who is worth more economically?

When the big European football clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus began to think informally about the project of the European SuperLeague of football or a radical reform of the format of the Champions League they started from an economic confrontation with NFL football.

What the NFL is and how it works

The National Football League, also identified by the acronym Nfl, is the largest Professional American Football League, currently composed of 32 deductibles (the same number of teams participating in the group stage of the Champions League football).

In the NFL football league, 30 cities are represented in the United States (New York and Los Angeles are in fact home to two franchises, New York Giants And i New York Jets For New York, Los Angeles Rams And i Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles).

The NFL regular season

The 32 teams participating in the NFL are divided into two conferences: American Football Conference (Afc) and National Football Conference (Nfc).

Within each conference, the teams are in turn divided on a geographical basis into 4 Division 4 teams each.

The regular season (regular season) of the NFL is 17 games that are played every Sunday (plus an advance on Thursdays, said Thursday Night, and a postponement on Monday, said Monday Night, N.C.).

During the regular season, each team plays 16 games (plus one rest round).

The NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl

At the end of the regular season, six squares for each conference qualify for the playoffs (comparable to the knockout stage of the Champions League football) culminating in the NFL Championship Final, the Super Bowl.

In the NFL playoffs, they qualify:

  • the four winning teams in the respective division, which are sorted from first to fourth based on the results obtained in the regular season (win-draw-losses);
  • the two teams with the best results among non-division winners, called Wild Card, which are ranked fifth and sixth in conference.

The third and fourth teams face the sixth and fifth respectively, playing in the first round of the play-offsCalled Wild Card Round.

The first and second of each conference do not participate in this round, having gained automatic access to the next one, said Divisional Playoff.

In this round they face the winners of the previous Wild Card Round, with the first-placed regular season facing the qualifier with the worst record (for example, if they qualify third and fifth, they will face the second and first respectively).

The two teams that win the Divisional Play-off meet in the conference final, Called Championship, In;

The winners of the two conference finals play in the Super Bowl.

In each matchup, the top-ranked team in the regular season plays at home, with the exception of the Super Bowl that takes place on a neutral field, in a stadium established by the league.

The TV audience of the NFL and the Champions League

At the TV audience level, the NFL football league and the Champions League football have similar data.

In the 2017-2018 season, for example, the Football League Champions League had 129 million average audiences per day, with a peak of 160 million for the final in Kiev between Real Madrid and Liverpool (in line with the 165 million in 2015 and 185 million in 2016) compared to about 130/150 million in the Super Bowl (in 2019 100.7 million in the US and between 30 and 50 million in the rest of the world).

NFL revenues and champions League comparison

The NFL cashes in a lot more money than Europe’s leading club football competition.

In 2018, for example, the National Football League’s revenues amounted to 16 billion dollars, of which about 5 billion dollars arising from the commercialization of the audiovisual rights of the competition in the United States and around the world.

In the same period, the cumulative revenues of the Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cup amounted to 3.25 billion.

Super Bowl on TV, the cost of commercials

Where the difference between the Super Bowl and the Champions League final really emerges is in the cost of the spots during the game.

From this point of view, American football has two structural advantages over football:

  • In American football the game stops more often than in a football match and therefore you can enter more commercial tips during the game;
  • An American football match lasts an average of four hours compared to about two hours of a football match (between interval and recovery minutes)

Above all, however, it is the management of advertisements between the two competitions that is different.

The spots for the Champions League final are mostly reserved for a pool of companies that as Uefa’s main sponsor support the competition from the outset (among the current ones include Nissan, Santander, Mastercard, Lays and Heineken for example).

In contrast, Super Bowl ads are traded freely on the market. And since the football final is by far the most watched television event in the US every year, i.e. in the richest market in terms of consumption, it goes without saying the value of the single spot reaches exorbitant levels.

So it’s no surprise that a 30-second ad vertint last year cost the various companies between 5 and 6 million dollars.

The Super Bowl and Trump and Bloomberg election commercials

Also in terms of commercials, the revenue for the 2020 Super Bowl is set to grow even further, as in addition to the commercials of the companies there will also be those of politicians.

2020 is an election year in the United States and candidates forThe presidency is already heating up the engines for the election that will decide the future tenant of the White House in November.

Between the break phases of the match Michael Boomberg and Donald Trump will compete in commercials, highly priced as expensive (20 million dollars for a one-minute commercial).

Super Bowl and Champions League, the economic impact on cities

In Europe many sources report that the economic benefit for a city hosting the Champions League final is more than 50 million euros (at least in Western European cities such as Cardiff in 2017 and Madrid in 2018, for Kiev 2018 the figures are less representative).

That’s much less than an American metropolis can get if it’s the home of the Super Bowl. The NFL estimates that the impact for the host city is between 300 and 500 million dollars. And although there is a lot of controversy in America about these figures, even the most skeptical are inclined to have an impact of at least 30 to 130 million.

Super Bowl’s and NFL as models for the SuperChampions?

At the moment the big European clubs seem to have shelved the Superleague project by “settling” for the recent improvements to the Champions League format.

However, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, as the number one of the Eca (the association that brings together the main European football clubs), at a public conference held at the Bocconi University in Milan, pointed out and as the only events Top transgaming.orgsmen that are repeated every year are the Champions League final and the Super Bowl, but that “although football is by far the most popular in the world, there is still a long way to optimize the product”. Indeed, the figures above seem to be right for Agnelli’s words.