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SV Darmstadt vs. VfB Stuttgart live on LIVE TICKETS today – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


VfB Stuttgart played 1-1 draw at SV Darmstadt on the 17th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga. Here you can read about the meeting in LIVE-TICKER.

SV Darmstadt against VfB Stuttgart in LIVE-TICKER for reading

After an exciting, intense game, SV Darmstadt and VfB Stuttgart split 1-1. Initially, the guests were still too lacking in ideas to become dangerous to the opposing team and fell after a brainstorm from Herrmann, who quickly took a throw-in, which in turn led to 1-0 through Kempe. The compensation from Sosa just before the break was still deserved. In the second half, VfB took control more and more, had many good chances, but also a lot of bad luck in the end. Darmstadt fought for the point which is somewhat flattering for SVD.

Due to a draw, Darmstadt is in 12th place with 20 points after the first half of the season, VfB Stuttgart is in 3rd place, tied with HSV, which has better goal difference.

90. +. 6 | Finally!

90. +. 4 | Patric Pfeiffer has replaced Mehlem in the last few minutes.

90. +. 1 | VfB misses the lead again! Again, the strong Sosa reigns on the left and finds First in the back. The 24-year-old pulls to the left. Gonzalez misses the middle and the ball rolls just past the right post into the goal area.

90. | Five minutes are passed again.

89. | Now Mehlem hits the Ascacibar with an open sole on his foot when he empties it with relief. Ittrich is waiving a yellow card here, which would have been justified.

87. | Now, First is also warned after kicking Mehlem on the leather bench in a duel.

85. | Suddenly, the counter runs over the fresh and dynamic Berko. The new man places the ball on the right wing past Endo, who lets the opponent run. It's yellow for this tactical foul.

84. | The website looks flat, will only take this point over time.

81. | The last phase has begun. Hardly anything comes from Darmstadt, Stuttgart continues to run, wants away victory.

80. | Next shift: Paik goes, Erich Berko comes.

78. | Stuttgart is pushing for compensation, but Darmstadt is defending with everything they have! Gonzalez plays from the left into the penalty area, Castro lets the ball run through the legs of Ranger, who hits the right post from the back from eleven yards. The ball lands on Ascacibar, which targets the far corner, but now Höhn throws in occasionally, deflects the shot to the corner and celebrates for his rescue operation. Otherwise it would have fit well!

76. | In Darmstadt there is now also a change. Mathias Honsak comes for Skarke.

75. | Hamadi Al Ghaddioui introduces himself directly with the yellow card. The newly replaced tip wants to cut off a pass from the home side, but is late and climbed into the ball.

73. | Stuttgart can now increasingly move the game to the opposing team's half. Darmstadt can rarely free itself in the last few minutes. Now Castro is trying it in the distance, but the shoes are down in time and make sure to grab.

70. | For Gomez, the offside goal was the last action worth mentioning. For him, Hamadi Al Ghaddioui comes in.

67. | It's the fifth goal of the last four games that Gomez has been denied due to an offside position.

66. | The ball fits in the net, but the goal doesn't count! Sosa wins on the right wing and plays flat in the middle in the barrel of Gomez, who pushes the ball from a few yards past shoes across the line. The line manager has flagged up and that is the right decision. The Stuttgart tip was just outside.

65. | Nicolas Gonzalez comes to Wamangituka for the guests.

63. | Now it is Mehlem who checks Bredlow at a short distance. A cross from the right receives Mehlem seven meters in front of the gate, passes the Saunas and closes from a pointed angle. Bredlow deflects the shot into the short corner.

62. | A little more than an hour is played, the game picks up some pace again.

60. | Suddenly Darmstadt has the great opportunity to take another trip! Dursun plays a one-two with Skarke in the center circle before the latter passes the ball past Phillips. If he takes the ball poorly just before the penalty area, he loses speed and cannot finish clean afterwards. So Bredlow has no problems in the end.

58. | At the moment, the game is very torn: lots of fighting and lots of individual action, little playful items and little profit.

55. | Gomez gives away the huge opportunity to lead VfB! After a sloppy passing of shoes, Sosa conquers the ball to the left of the penalty area, but then rushes not to find the end, but crosses deliberately to Gomez. The former German international takes the ball and slams the play equipment from 15 meters above the box. He must make more of it!

53. | Castro wins shortly before the penalty area and simply looks for the end from 20 yards. His hanging flies about a meter above the correct angle.

50. | After a cross from Sosa, Ascacibar is shot in the middle of the field, but shoes can safely pair the attempt that hits the middle of the goal.

49. | Second half starts pretty rough. Now Wamangituka is on the ground after Stark has fully climbed on his left foot in midfield.

47. | Holland also looks yellow for its exaggerated jerseys.

46. ​​| Stuttgart kicked off the second half. The ball is rolling!

Half time | It's bitter for Darmstadt. Just before the break, the home team catches the equalization. Due to the proportions of the game, a draw at the break was well deserved, but until Sosa's goal in the 45th minute the Darmstadt defense stood firm and offered the guests no room to develop. On the other hand, they put a needle or two through play without frills. The first good attack led directly to Kempe's opening goal. Dumic and Mehlem even had 2: 0 on their feet, but missed it, so it now goes with the 1: 1 break.