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Team France – EdF: Deschamps don’t cower him, Lampard is furious about Kanté! – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Team France - EdF: Deschamps don't cower him, Lampard is furious about Kanté! - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

N’Golo Kanté has suffered several injuries this season and has not been able to play for the French national team.

The midfielder was expected to start in Iceland (0-1), but another blow in the warm-up prevented him from playing this first match. Then the second against Turkey (1-1) three days later. However, the Blues staff did not consider it appropriate to send him back to Chelsea. This provoked the irrluzily of Frank Lampard, who did not appreciate coach Didier Deschamps’ little joke about the playing time of his striker Olivier Giroud.

« Before the break, I know Didier Deschamps joked about Olivier Giroud. It was the light, of course, we all have our problems., the Blues manager initially reacted. But Kanté’s situation is not funny, we communicated before the previous truce because he was hurt. We have to think about the good of the player. He wasn’t gone, we agreed. That’s how it’s going to be.. »

Lampard complains about French staff

But in the last rally, the exchanges weren’t as effective. « After the first game he did not judge, he underwent physical tests on the eve of the second gameThe Englishsaid said. It was clear he couldn’t play. Then he stayed on the bench, that’s not communication. (…) Our doctors communicated, but sometimes the information didn’t come back to us when I was waiting for them. »

« I understand that when the players are with their respective teams, they belong to them, but it was clear that they could not play. We wish you’d come back for treatment. (…) From now on, I’ll try to communicate better with each coach He warned Lampard, who will no longer hesitate to harass Deschamps and the French Football Federation, such as Bayern Munich with Lucas Hernandez.