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Team France – EdF: Giroud in the closet or in Romania, Deschamps doesn’t care about real – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Team France - EdF: Giroud in the closet or in Romania, Deschamps doesn't care about real - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Olivier Giroud scored a penalty against Moldova (2-1) and was again decisive with the French team. Not enough to convince his detractors.

Despite the disappointing performance of the French team on Thursday, it was a rather satisfied Didier Deschamps who presented himself at a press conference. Annoyed at halftime, the les Bleus coach appreciated his men’s second term, starting with Olivier Giroud who scored the winning penalty. This is enough to strengthen the technician in his decision to meet and keep his underused executive in Chelsea. As a result, like Pierre Ménés, RMC journalist Kévin Díaz is clear about the attacker’s situation.

« We have to stop with the Girous debate. You can play another seven seconds until the euros, you will still be summoned. And it’s the right of the coach who summons whoever he wants. He is world champion, he was in the final of the Euros with Giroud, reminded our colleague. If you press him, he’ll force you to change sticks, but you’ll take it anyway. But how do you feel (if you change clubs)? Giroud can play in the Romanian D1, will play 90 minutes every weekend, that is why he will be better in the French team. »

Lampard, Sarri…

« (…) Stop telling me that Giroud is good and that he should be selected because he has three penalties in the last six matchesContinued. He’s with Frank Lampard, who I think is a future great coach, he’s the third striker and he’d play in Team B if there was one. With Sarri, he doesn’t play. With Arsenal, he doesn’t play. We must stop saying that Giroud must be a starter for the French team. Everyone is starting to get used to it, the old Montpellier is probably not about to lose his place.