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Team France – EdF: Private of a magical trio with Benzema, Mens resents Deschamps – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Team France - EdF: Private of a magical trio with Benzema, Mens resents Deschamps - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Despite his great career at Real Madrid, Karim Benzema may never return to the French team. A treatment Pierre Menés doesn’t understand.

Karim Benzema scored his 229th goal in all competitions for Real Madrid thanks to his 5-0 penalty against Leganés in La Liga on Wednesday. Enough to become the top French goalscorer in the history of a foreign club. And to convince Pierre Menés that the merengue striker deserved a second chance in the French team, he is also with Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann.

« Benzema will never play blue again as long as Deschamps is the trainer. We can repent. Personally, I’m sorry because, whatever the fault or faults that can be blamed on Benzema, I think he’s been punished enough, commented the Yahoo Sport consultant. I also think that with Mbappé-Griezmann-Benzema, it’s hard to make more complementary, and that maybe there was a way to make an attack there that could scare everyone. »

Men’s regrets the stubbornness of “DD”

« So from a strictly transgaming.orging point of view, I’m sorry, even if I have memory too and I know that Benzema didn’t do everything right in the French team, recognized the specialist. I remember this endless series of 11 unscored games, but i finally hey. Not long ago, Giroud did almost the same thing. We also remember a somewhat difficult relationship within the group, especially with Giroud himself. »

« (…) I’m sorry that Deschamps didn’t have the idea, perhaps, to see him again in two friendlies, in the team, within the group, even if it’s cutting in the same direction as today afterwards. It’s a football sorrow for me because, in terms of play, technique, efficiency and performance at one of the biggest clubs in the world, we still don’t do it better than Benzema Pierre Mens, far from being the biggest Olivier Giroud fan…