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Team France – EdF: ‘The Graet is a liar’, Véronique Rabiot’s Great Attack – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Team France - EdF: 'The Graet is a liar', Véronique Rabiot's Great Attack - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

More called up to the French team for a year and a half, Adrien Rabiot will not return to Les Bleus … Because his mother’s last media outing is not going to please Noel Le Graet and Didier Deschamps at all.

In May 2018, when France prepared to become world champion in Russia, Adrien Rabiot refused to be on edf’s list of reservists. In a letter to the coach, he explained his choice. Since then, things have not progressed much since Rabiot was no longer selected and did not meet with fFF management. However, Noel Le Graet had clearly opened the door to him a year ago. “I asked Adrien Rabiot to come and explain himself in my office. And it was Mrs. Rabiot who responded by saying that she wanted to come to the appointment first. I told him There was no doubt about that. That was after it ceased to be a reserve for the World Cup. Then there was a second contact, where he told us, this time, that he was coming with his son. It wasn’t what I wanted, so there was no date.”FFF president said at the time.

“Adrien didn’t remove anything”

A version that Véronique Rabiot denies in bulk. “I have had no contact with Mr. Le Graet. He didn’t talk to me, I didn’t talk to him and I didn’t ask him for anything. So we have to stop, I know the reporters say I had contacts with Mr. Le Graet, but that’s not true. I know what he said, and today, directly in my boots, I tell him that Mr. Graet is a liar. I haven’t talked to him in any way. Rabiot wants to play for the French national team again? That’s a question that shouldn’t even be asked. Who is the footballer who does not want to play for the French national team? When you say Adrien refused, Adrien didn’t refuse anything. Retrieving the mail that was made never said he refused. These are the words of journalists… You take Adrien’s mail, it’s not written: “I refuse to be a reservist.” That’s not true. He says it can’t be available for anti-doping control, which is totally different. Adrien is happy especially there as he plays more as that’s what he likes most, playing football. He’s happy, he’s learning Italian, everything’s fine. Turin is a beautiful city”, turned the mother and agent of the Juventus midfielder into the Estelle team. A frontal attack that will not help the affairs of the former PSG player, who has not worn the blue jersey since March 2018…