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Tenerife Concepción loses social support and the Heliodoro will turn its back on it – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


If the Albacete Balompié saw on its last exit to Vallecas how much of a stadium took it with Roman Zozulia, on this next visit to Tenerife (Saturday at 18:00 hours) curiously will live something similar, although for other reasons different: it will be in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López against another protagonist who does not enjoy the popular support, the president of the island club Miguel Concepción (14 years at the head of the entity).

The Peñas del Tenerife will not attend the stadium for much of the meeting in a new sign of protest (“empty bleaching day”) against a leader who has lost the support of a majority share of the social mass and minority shareholders, who have already taken over 50% of the club’s shares. Right now he is supported by 345 shareholders of the more than 12,000 who make up the shareholding and who add up to 46% of the securities, without even reaching even 50% of the total club shareholding. The stands, which have been insistently asking for the departure of Concepción for two years, considers that it cannot continue one more day directing the club against its mass of social mass with the support of 18% of the shareholders and that it is best to step aside and forget to meditate on the idea of running for re-election as it has stated in recent days. Fans initially asked the Government Sub-Delegation for permission to organize a demonstration in the street but, in the end, this measure was changed by the action of “empty stands” which will cause this day of protest, supported by the Peñas Federation, to mark the match before the Alba by making the stadium offer a poor entrance if the club does not remedy it with other strategies and distribution of free tickets.

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Precisely the transgaming.orging results and the triumphal appearance of the palmero president after the last Tenerife Assembly, despite the drift of the club and the team and that only those 345 shareholders (with 84,035 shares) supported him, is what has made fans mobilize in this decisive way so that urgent decisions are made. That day his main opponent, the former Corviniano Clavijo (presented with the support of 801 shareholders representing 13,196 shares), as well as shareholders Adrián Romero, were very Concepción and asked for his resignation, that of the manager and that of the other directors to hold elections, something that was rejected by more than 83% of the votes of the Board that, however, represented only one voter: that of the president of the entity.

Concepción, despite being increasingly isolated and having other problems outside of football with justice, is firm. At the Assembly, it did not wish to answer the many questions put by different shareholders (“for a matter of time, it will be answered in writing”) nor does it want to hear about the 400,000 euros that an investment group, led by the Madrid and former president of Alba, José Miguel Garrido, is ready to put already on the table to face with guarantees a winter market in which Tenerife is played its future and much of the permanence. The team (last) has already stated on numerous occasions that the hobby is sovereign, but that this division does not benefit anyone and that it is best to reach an urgent solution. This one’s holding out for the minute. For now the Heliodous will appear with many whites in his rostrum.