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Tenerife is measured at home to Sporting and his legs – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Tenerife is measured at home to Sporting and his legs - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

A few days after the frenzy that was experienced before the Athletic in the Copa del Rey, Tenerife returns to its reality (follow the match live on And he does so to welcome a Sporting from Gijón who comes from winning and starting to find his way. Although they arrive morally reinforced because of what was done on Tuesday, the blue-white slabs can accuse the effort on his legs.

The shock will be special for both coaches. Ruben Baraja it was the one who last put the Asturians in an ascent playoff, even if his march was not the one desired. For its part, Djukic played his last season as an active footballer Tenerife, where he keeps very nice memories. And for his oviedist past, it can also be for Joselu which, moreover, comes from scoring two goals against the Bilbao team.

On the local side, Feelings they start to Improve and this 2020 has started much better than it ended in 2019. Even with the descent very close, it seems that the coach has hit the key: the team is more competitive and there aren’t that many individual failures anymore. As soon as eleven, a lot will have to look at the Tiredness, although no major changes are expected from the 11th of the derby. Sipcic is the alternative for sanctioned Carlos Ruiz.

The Sporting, meanwhile, travels to Tenerife in Search of a second consecutive win that resists you and allows you to start looking up firmly. Djukic did the last workout behind closed doors, but with the idea of repeat the team who played starting against Fuenlabrada. If confirmed, the lineup will be maintained with the new system that has the forwards Uros Djurdjevic and Alvaro Vázquez as the spearhead.

The Serbian technician hopes to have corrected the defensive mistakes who beat the team in the two outings he has had so far as Sporting’s coach. Defeats in Zaragoza, both by 2-0, were caused by failures, especially in the actions ball stopped.