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Tenerife Luis Milla admit they are “afraid of the situation” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


After the breakout of Riazor, where the team received the final sledgehammer in the 95th minute, one of the heavyweights in the locker room took the floor. Luis Milla he admitted that he was not at his best in the first half against Deportivo and that the group also did not offer his best face. “We didn’t know how to handle and dominate the ball, which is our strong point,” the Madrid midfielder, whom Baraja commissioned, the work usually performed by the injured Lasso. “We’re afraid of the situation, it’s obvious. Luckily there’s a lot of league left and we’ll have options to reverse this trend,” he said as well.

“We didn’t enter the game as it deserved the occasion,” was another of Milla’s messages, who recently returned to the blue-white lineups after recovering from an appendicitis operation.

Tenerife arrives at the equator in a critical situation

Descent numbers. Tenerife reaches the winter stop in a critical position, in a relegation area and with fewer points than matches played. The blue-white draw has added only four wins in 21 games (a shimtry of 19% wins) and with the certainty that the change of coach has not led to the desired effect. With Rubén Baraja, the team has scored a point of nine. And he scored just one goal in 270 minutes.

The outlook for Tenerife is daunting, with three points less than last year at this point and the pressing need to strengthen itself in the winter market. Sports director Victor Moreno has already warned that they will have to “manage with a lot of skill to generate resources”, but at the moment it is unlikely that there will be disengagements that allow to make a box. In the club they plan to decommission some of the footballers with lower share of prominence in the squad and undertake several additions. At least three: a left-back, a striker and a replacement for the injured Borja Lasso.

Coat/Flag Tenerife

The calendar doesn’t help either. The blanquiazules will open 2020 in the Heliodoro against the Albacete and in an atmosphere very crunched by the last determinations of the president, Miguel Concepción, who was the one who dispensed with López Garai against the criteria of its transgaming.orging director; and also who took responsibility for the hiring of Rubén Baraja. However, the most difficult stretch for Tenerife will come after playing in Cerro del Espino in Copa del Rey -against Rayo Majadahonda-, because consecutively they will play against three cocks: Huesca, Girona and Las Palmas, in this order. So it is urgent that the reinforcements arrive soon and have an almost immediate adaptation.

The insular painting had become accustomed to residing almost every year in the lower rankings, but its position had long since been as critical. Players started the holiday yesterday for the purpose of amendment and with the idea of returning with another side to the new year. The image offered in Riazor was one of the worst that Tenerife is reminded of away from home this season.

The shareholders’ meeting will be next Thursday

The board of directors chaired by Miguel Concepción faces a crucial shareholder meeting in which the palmero leader will have to explain the very difficult current position of Tenerife. However, the white-eyed board trusts to take forward the annual accounts with the support of the main shareholders, including Amid Achi and Juan Pelayo. However, the former director Corviniano Clavijo, who is nominated as an alternative to Concepción and who will come with the financial backing of the investor José Miguel Garrido, also attends in this assembly. Between the two have managed to have to vote on Thursday – the board will be on the first call – a possible electoral advance and the reduction of the number of actions necessary to have a voice and vote in the assemblies. They will not win the votes they raise, but having brought them to the agenda is already a success for them. According to them, their project is not short-term. For the time being, they collect shares on the platform ‘Tinerfeñistas’, based in front of the lockers of the Heliodoro Rodríguez.