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The 30 players you didn’t know were in Second B – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


While some decide to go to Qatar, the United States or Canada to finish their careers, many other bets to remain tied to their land and try the adventure of Second B. A competitive category, with a lower budget, but which, year after year, leaves images for remembrance in Copa del Rey or Playoff phases. Of course another paradise to lay off successful trajectories and it also gives wings to growing footballers. Away from the media focus, almost half a hundred third-rate footballers are recognized by the vast majority of users on the other side of the screen. And you, How many of the following names are familiar to you?

Group I

-Jaime Gavilán (UD Sanse): at 34 years old, he has decided to continue his career in Second B. He was considered one of Primera’s best extremes and was in the 2006 World Cup pre-list. A classic of Valencia and Getafe.

-Marc Gual (Castilla): has not had continuity in Girona, even though it arrived as a luxury complement of Stuani. At the moment, outstanding in the white subsidiary.

-Rubén de Tomás (UD Sanse)He is the brother of RDT and, in fact, faced him in the Copa del Rey. Unlike the striker, he plays in the medular.

-Camello (Atlético B): casualties have forced Simeone to pull the quarry. Of all the young, Camel is the one with the most confidence in the Cholo.

-Alberto Lora (Marino de Luanco): almost a ‘one club man’. The midfielder accumulates under his shoulders 268 games with Sporting, including 142 in the First Division. At 32, he has arrived in Second B with the intention of shining. At the moment, it adds 23 entitlements.

-Hugo Duro (Getafe): now has hardly any opportunity in the first team, but last season was capital for Bordalás. It’s the future of the Geta.

-Reinier (Castilla): has not debuted, but aims to be a benchmark in Second Division B. Another of Real Madrid’s future signings from the subsidiary.

-Altube (Castilla): the goalkeeper is a fixed in the calls of Zinedine Zidane. They may have read his name hundreds of times, although it’s always the discard except for last-minute injury.

Group II

-Valdo (Izarra): debuted in the First Division with Real Madrid and had a long career in the elite. He wore the T-shirt from Osasuna, Espanyol, Málaga, Levante… At 38, he still enjoys his passion at the foot of the countryside.

-Yassin Fekir (Guijuelo): Nabil’s brother also arrived at Betis last summer, although he was on loan for Second B. He’s 22 years old and playing far left. In principle, you won’t reach your family member’s level.

-Toché (Burgos): has played Champions League, in Primera, in Second… He scored 20 goals for Cartagena in 2009-10, but did not forget the goal over time. In both 15-16 and 16-17, he celebrated 17 with the Oviedo shirt. At 37 and after a bad campaign, he decided to dare with the Second B.

-Borja Viguera (Real Union)He was a Second Division pichichi with Alavés in 2013-14, which earned him to sign for Athletic. He had minutes in Champions League, but he came out the back door. He didn’t do well at Sporting or Numancia either.

-Diego Cervero (Barakaldo): is considered a reference of Real Oviedo. He has only played one season in Second, but many call him “the king of Second B”. After not playing for Atlético Baleares, he signed for Barakaldo and redeemed himself with a goal from midfield in his first match. 36 years old.

-Kuki Zalazar (Valladolid B): He is the son of Zalazar, a legendary bowler of fouls from the era of The Mechanical Cheese (Albacete). He plays as a striker and has renewed until 2022.

-Sancet (Athletic B): is international with the Under-21 and a great resource for Garitano at Athletic. It adds six matches and one attendance in First This year.

Group III

-Adriá Vilanova (Andorra): is the son of Tito and milita in the Andorra de Piqué. He’s central and an important man to Gabri. He left the Barcelona quarry in 2017.

-Miguel Palanca (Andorra): played a Classic for Real Madrid’s injury problems and was close to scoring. Valdés slowed him back. Maybe if I’d scored, I’d have had more opportunities in the elite.

-Víctor Casadesús (Andorra): the legendary striker of Mallorca has as a guarantee 49 goals in the First Division and more than 250 matches. He was called to lead the goal from Andorra, although he has only celebrated three goals so far this season.

-José Miguel Morales (Badalona): is 43 years old and a Second Division B legend. It has been in the third category of Spanish football for more than 500 matches. He is also a goalkeeping coach at the Espanyol quarry.

-Lafita (Axis): it’s not Angel, but Nacho, his brother. The eldest, important in his years at Real Zaragoza, is vice president of the transgaming.orgs area of Ejea. Your familiar fight on the pitch.

-Fausto Tienza (Nástic): played 20 games for Osasuna in the 2016-17 Primera División. Although he is still 30 years old, he has chosen to play in Second B and try to return the Nástic to the elite.

-Jonathan Pereira (Nástic): played in Racing with Munitis or Zigic. He has notable numbers in the First Division: 14 goals and 26 assists. At the moment, with a single goal, he has not finished convincing Tarragona.

-King Manaj (Barca B): The Albanian striker arrived at the Blaugrana subsidiary to contribute the goal that went to Europe. At the Albacete, he was a regular companion of Zozulia.

-Riqui Puig (Barca B): the promising midfielder from La Masia still has a record at Barca B. Setién promised to give him more minutes than Valverde, but still not finding continuity.

-Pol Lozano (Espanyol B): He has played 360 minutes in the Europa League as the headlines continued to struggle to get Espanyol out of the starting places below. He’s got a B-card and a very promising future.

Group IV

-Esteban Granero (Marbella): was one of the great surprises of the winter market. He had gallons in Espanyol, was a regular in the First Division and suddenly downgrades two categories. Aim for essential in a height project.

-Juanmi Callejón (Marbella): The brother of the Footballer from Naples has also arrived this winter in Marbella. He played in Bolivar, Bolivia, where he was a mass idol.

-Nauzet Pérez (Recreational): only 13 first-time matches, albeit three in the Champions League. LaLiga SmartBank was always his competition. Now, he’s a starter at the Recre.

-Salomon Obama (Merida)He was the king of Christmas tournaments with his brother Fede. The passage of the years slowed his projection and he himself has acknowledged that too much was said about his figure. With 20 springs, he aims to be a Top footballer.

-Verza (Cartagena): he played 100 matches in Primera, with ‘double-double’: 14 goals and 10 assists. He was an important footballer in the Levante. Now it is at Cartagena.

-Dani Goiza (Atlético Sanluqueño): 20 internationalities, 51 goals in Primera División, one star in Getafe, Pichichi in his time in Mallorca… An impeccable currículuum that continues to complete in Second B.