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The & # 39; lawyer & # 39; Manu Sánchez opposes the first team team – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


"I was nervous and excited before jumping into the field. I'm playing with my idols and it was unforgettable."Thus, of course, Manu Sánchez (24-8-2000, Madrid) described his debut at Atlético as a southpaw starter against Osasuna. Simeone confessed that he informed the player that he would start a few hours before the game and recommended turning off the phone. The coach tried to free him from all possible pressure, knowing how to shake the heart of a young youth player. Everything for Manuel Sánchez de la Peña, future lawyer, to fulfill his dream, which led to his quality and character.

He has already left notes in the preseason, where he participated in Saponjic in the first summer test against Numancia. He has not stopped then and will not do it now. In preseason, he left a mark of authority every time he advanced with the ball under control, and decision and precision whenever he looked carefully for the center. Like your idol, like Philip. Shortly after the departure of the Brazilian, a red and white promise appears in a demarcation little given to her. Lodi signed to support a position that is still bad. Sports management would like to reinforce this and Saul more. But also comes Manu.

Athletic Shield / Flag

And without losing its naturalness. "It's different," say those who know him best, compared to many other boys who boast of belonging to important quarries, losing themselves in material detail. Manu Sánchez develops like a normal boy. This is what Majadahonda emits, focusing on the instructions of Nacho Fernández, Cholo, Burgos and the law books … This is also his vocation. Atletico hired him from Cornellá. He lived there because his father, a notary by profession, was assigned to Barcelona. Manu follows in the footsteps and studies laws to secure a future, if in football he does not end up designing the future he would like. Smart and brilliant viewer and student, as he showed before Osasuna, not to untangle in his debut. On the contrary. Now he has to digest the conversation about him, as he did after a remarkable preseason, to continue to oppose a position on the first team.