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The Almería makes the transfer of Kaptoum official in the early hours – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Almería makes the transfer of Kaptoum official in the early hours - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

It took time to become official, as the footballer said goodbye on the 2nd of his teammates and traveled to the southeast peninsula to pass the corresponding medical tests and train under the orders of Gutiérrez since last Tuesday. And it’s already a reality: Kaptoum is a player of the minimum almería until the end of the season. The Cameroonian arrives on loan, although the Almerian entity keeps a purchase option, as it has done with most of the loan items it has in the squad. Not in vain, Saudi sheikh likes the formula of cediswithing them with the possibility of acquiring them on property later: five of the twelve summer additions were thus. However, even though i had not transcended the amounts, Betis saves a buyback option.

All three parties closed the deal last week in the absence of the relevant fringes, which have already been closed. At 23:27 the social media manager of the Uda put the cansino gif of ‘F5’ to make official 31 minutes later Wilfrid Kaptoum’s entrance. A Kaptoum that despite his physique, is not characterized by being a defensive midfielder to use; in fact, in his must be the defensive plan. Technical player -highlights his control oriented- and with good ball exit, breaking lines. In the Betis you haven’t finished believing it.


Even though the red-white club did not like that buyback option by BetisHe has finally agreed to get the 23-year-old loan. In this sense, Kaptoum was in contract with the Sevillian entity next June and both sides have extended the link until 2023since Betis doesn’t want to part with it. However, if in the first half of the championship has hardly had a starring role, the arrival of Aleñá closes even more the doors of the minutes. With the loan of Kaptoum, the UDA has surplus in the engine room, especially with the 1-4-4-2 gutierrez, in which the figure of the midfielder has disappeared. Apart from Chema, Aguza -complies with a contract in five months- has a lot of ballots to leave. The Samboyano is one of the names to which Al-Sheikh has proposed a succulent contract on Asian lands, although at the moment no red-white woman wants to go that far.

Wilfrid Kaptoum landed in January 2018 from La Masia to reinforce a Betis B which ended up descending to Third Division. Months later he became a first-team backed by all of the law, debuting in First Division (with Barcelona he did not succeed despite having been called up with the first team). In the 18-19 financial year he played a dozen matches, nine of them as a starter. In this season his participation with the Set of Ruby is reduced to 192 minutes, coming from two starts and three matches coming from the bench. He also played last month in the Copa del Rey, scoring second in the goal against Antoniano.

Di Plácido, the next


The next arrival Almería will be the Leo Di Plácido, which will mean the march of José Romera. The right-handed side from Lanús de Luis Zubeldía was in the orbit of the Espanyol and Tenerife last summer. He was called up with the Argentine national team in 2018 after the World Cup, although he did not make his debut in the first call-up Scaloni. Di Plácido, which will turn 25 springs on the next day 28, extended its contract with Lanús a year ago until 2022. The Backpack, as it is known, can also act as a right-handed end, one of the most lame positions in the Almería.