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The amazing resurrection of Santi Cazorla – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The amazing resurrection of Santi Cazorla

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Santi Cazorla's career already seemed to be over after his bad injury in Arsenal's dress. The doctors predicted the worst for him, but the noble technician never gave up – and as a 34-year-old he even played in the Spanish national team again.

Santi Cazorla has the letters "I, n, d" on the forearm, "i, a" adorns the heel. What once symbolizes the daughter's name forever on the arm today symbolizes his long and almost hopeless suffering. And so it happened:

At the end of 2016, Cazorla sustained a serious injury in a Champions League match with Arsenal against Ludogorez Rasgrad. After 20 minutes, he got an ankle strike, continued to play in pain and risked his entire career. Then he was not in the square for 636 days.

Cazorla underwent ten surgeries – skin was transplanted from the forearm to the heel because an infection there had eaten up large parts of his tissue and almost caused an amputation. Skin on which daughter's name is written. "I'm like a jigsaw puzzle," he said in a 2018 interview Guardian"It's actually a wonder that Cazorla can joke today about the injury that his former coach Arsene Wenger described as the worst he's ever seen.

Often Cazorla wanted to give in: "I said to the family, 'It's over. Tomorrow I'll tell Juancar's physics that I can't go on.' He never gave up, even though the doctors had little hope. "Forget about playing football! Concentrate better on getting back to a normal life so you can walk or play with your kids one day," they said. But he never forgot to play football, and it should be worth it.

Now Cazorla is 34 years old, a regular player in home club FC Villarreal, as he has already scored four goals this season, including a fantastic against FC Barcelona, ​​and three assists. And he is even back in the Spanish national team which he will face Norway on Saturday (08.45 am live on DAZN). He shines again with all the skills that had excelled him before the injury.