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The Barca faces the Boixos Nois who entered the Johan Cruyff – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Barca faces the Boixos Nois who entered the Johan Cruyff - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Boixos Nois reappeared on stage on Saturday in el branch derby that was first played at Johan Cruyff Stadium. The radicals made Nazi proclamations, mocked the late Dani Jarque, insulted Espanyol and made apologies to “kill a parakeet of Sarria”. These cries, which were recorded by Cuatro, and which Espanyol has already announced that it will denounce, are considered “completely unacceptable” by Barcelona, which has decided to stand up to the ultra group.

Barcelona explains in a statement that it has asked for the cooperation of the Mossos d’Esquadra to identify the members of the group, whichthe club figures between 20 and 25 people, who participated in the events during Barca B-Espanyol B corresponding to the Second Division B. The intention of the blaugrana entity is to report inge-go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible for hate crimes and prohibit them from accessing Barcelona facilities.


Barcelona publicly condemns the facts and regrets the inconvenience caused to Espanyol

In addition, the club intends to transfer the information to the Anti-Violence Commission so that it also adopts the relevant sanctions for the other transgaming.orgs venues. In the event that any of the identified participants are a member of Barcelona, the complaint will also be made to the Club’s Discipline Commission, which could decree the loss of membership status.

In its letter, Barcelona “publicly condemns the facts” and regrets the grievances and inconvenience it may have caused To Espanyol.

20 or 25 people

The club calls for the Mossos to collaborate in identifying the Boixos Nois group to prohibit them from accessing their facilities and, if they are members, expelling them

Barca detail that on Saturday, with the game at stake, the club’s security detected the group of Boixos, who even lit a flare in the stands on the occasion of Barca B’s first goal (in the 34th minute), and wasestified him with members of private security. At the same time, the Mossos were contacted, who minutes later intervened to expel the Boixos from the Johan Cruyff stadium. That performance was reflected by the collegiate in the arbitral record of the party.