Spanish football

The best Champions ever he esatheses his eighth – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Never before have the last sixteen survivors of the Champions League been full representatives of the five major European leagues. The draw that today (12:00, #Vamos) crosses all of them therefore draws an unbeatable scenario. The Champions most luxurious in history. The road will be far-wreath for spaniards in almost all cases. Barça And Valencia they’ll be playing each other from the hype of the heads as they become group champions; Madrid And Atleti they’ll do it like seconds and they’ll have to play the lap away from home.

Real Madrid Shield/Flag

LaLiga will have as its main rival, once again, the Premier. The English have also made it full in eighths. Manchester City and Liverpool will be in hype 1. Tottenham and Chelsea, on 2. Therefore, it is very likely that the Champions League will once again face the two best leagues, the one that has dominated this decade (the Spanish one) and the one that did it last year (English).

Coat/Flag Barcelona

Madrid will have a hard bone to gnawe in most cases. In addition to Liverpool And City, champion of Europe and the Premier respectively, you can cross paths with Bayern, Juventus and RB Leipzig. Except for the Germans, any confrontation would be a bomb. Atletico is in the same situation but by swapping Juventus, who cannot touch him, for the Psg. It also appears that there will be a bell crossing in the Wanda.

Shield/Athletic Flag

A priori simpler can be had by the Barca and Valencia. Their rivals will come out from Tottenham, Dortmund, Chelsea, Atalanta, Naples and Lyon. It is certain that Valencia will not be able to cross with Chelsea or Barca with Dortmund, having already done so in the group stage. The eighth-round matches will be played between 18 and 26 February, the first leg, and the 10th and 18th of March, the return. Two days later there will be another single draw that will determine the crossings from quarters to the final, scheduled to May 30 at Istanbul’s Ataturk Stadium.

Coat/Flag Valencia

The main objective of the Spanish clubs is to be back in the match that decides the title. It won’t be easy. Seven of the sixteen survivors have once been champions of Europe. In total they total 33 Champions, and what is missing historical from the record such as Milan, Ajax, Inter or Manchester United. There’s a lot of level.

Nor will the big stars of today’s football firmament be lacking. The top ten placed in the Ballon d’Or, in fact, are still alive in the competition: Messi, Van Dijk, Cristiano, Mané, Salah, Mbappé, Alisson, Lewandowski, Bernardo Silva and Mahrez. Neymar, Luis Suarez, Griezmann, Modric and Benzema must be added. Almost nothing.

There’s three months left, and it looks like a world. But it’s not that much. From today the teams already know how hard their path to the long-delayed Champions League will be. For the first time, the five major leagues hoard the crosses: four of LaLiga, four of the Premier, three of the Bundesliga, three of the Serie A and two of the Ligue 1. Only one will have the honour of proclaiming himself the new king of Europe.