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“The best number 9 in the world” – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Last week, Robert Lewandowski of FC Bayern made the leap to third place on the perpetual Bundesliga goallist. Roman Boerki, goalkeeper of Borussia Dortmund, swore in h-chsten Tunen from the Polish goalkeeper.

“Lewandowski is the best number 9 in the world,” Bérki told the Bayern-Stérmer in an interview with blick.

Although the best sturker in the world in Bunki’s eyes does not play for BVB, the Swiss final man trusts his team to win the championship this season.

“After a season like ours last, when we were first on 21 of 34 match days, you can’t stand and say we want to be fourth,” Bérki said, adding: “It was unfortunately temporary in the preliminary round, because a] needed all the new players. and b] others who have been outstanding in the past season, these strong performances are naturally not permanently maintained.”

“Never had a coach who was so crass”

BVB is currently in fourth place with seven points on autumn champions RB Leipzig. The goal of the season has not changed: “We want to play for the championship,” B’rki explains: “Everything is still the right thing to do, Bayern picked up nine points on us last season.”

Fer B’rki understands that Dortmund’s coach Lucien Favre has long struggled to formulate the title as a goal: “Lucien Favre has also clearly committed himself to this goal. I can’t put myself in his position. But a coach is of all enormous pressure on the goal champion.”

The pressure on Favre this season is greater than ever – to Boerki’s insinuability: “I’ve never had a coach who has been so harshly criticized. I don’t understand it either, Lucien Favre has always been like this, he doesn’t get out of himself like others in the public.”

Mentaldebate at BVB “something of the worst”

In the interview ,u’erdem commented on the mentality debate at BVB. ‘As a player, it’s a bit of a bad thing if you’re not accused of mentality. Just yesterday in the Ruhr area,” said the 29-year-old.

Nevertheless, it had something to do with mentality, “if you don’t call that on the pitch, you could,” admitted Bérki, but stressed: “Mats Hummels once said that Mentalitet is the big brother of the positional error. That is already the case. If you don’t know why you lost, you’re just talking about a lack of mentality.”