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The CBF will ask Madrid to Vinicius the pre-Olympic today – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


O Brazilian Football Confederation will do this Wednesday a Last try to achieve this Vinicius (19 years old) being in Pre-Olympic 2020. As AS learned from the summit of CBF They will contact Real Madrid to reiterate their wish to tell with the young player. However, they estimate the probability of success of the proposal by 10%, rating that was 30% before the property and the big game of Vini against Espanyol.

The Confederation sees impossible that the Madrid free for the other two selectable, Militation (21) and Rodrygo (18), for the tournament that gives entry to the Olympic Games and will be held in Colombia from January 18 to February 9th. And they do it consciously, because in Rodrygo's last call with the U23, in October the white club sent notification informing that wouldn't give in to their players For the qualifier. Meanwhile, the three Madrid players were notified by the club of this situation about two months ago.

Therefore it is almost discarded what Militao, Vinicius or Rodrygo appear in the list that the next monday 16 (It would be 13 years, but an unforeseen event will delay the announcement) will be announced. It will consist of 23 soccer players which will be cited in January 12th in Rio de Janeiro. Some elected officials already know its inclusion in the call, while the coach André Jardine, was recently from tour of europe convince your clubs personally that they could be recruited.

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CBF understands Madrid and trusts the Games

CBF sources assure this newspaper that the no presence of Militao, Vinicius and Rodrygo does not compromise your participation in Tokyo 2020 if Brazil gets the classification for the Games. They call it a "dream" capable count on them now and also for the summer datein the face of many other hopes that Madrid will be more flexible. In him too will influence your possible calls (Tite has Militancy) to the Copa America (June 12 through July 12, 2020).

Anyway, in the Confederation they understand the posture from Madrid. Firstly, as it is not a FIFA date, the club has the right not to give in to its players, and less in the middle of the season, in Pre-Olympic Case with the Spanish Super Cup through. And second, because that would mean a precedent This could be detrimental to the club itself in the future.