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The classic will be played in 18-D normally, according to Mossos – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The classic will be played in 18-D normally, according to Mossos

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The Mossos d 'Squad are convinced that the classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid next Wednesday, December 18, can be played normally.despite the protest called by the Democratic Tsunami platform outside and inside Camp Nou.

The Democratic Tsunami, investigated by the National Court for a cause of terrorism, summoned via social networks a rally outside Camp Nou next Wednesday, hours before the start of the classic, plus other non-detailed actions in which viewers of the party to protest against the condemnation of the procession summit.

As reported by Mossos d 'Squad sources, The Catalan police are preparing a broad provision for this high-risk match (like all Barça-Madrid) with the conviction that the match will be played in complete normalcy because it has not detected any objective elements that lead them to think otherwise.

The Mossos consider that there will be no problem in ensuring the arrival at the stadium by bus with Real Madrid players, as ensuring that the itinerary from the hotel to the venue does not involve technical complications, according to the sources.

Nor do they foresee that the routine used by the Madrid team should be substantially modified from the moment you arrive at the concentration hotel until you move to Camp Nou, one of the concerns of the white environment.

Another thing is to warn Mossos d 'Squad, the mobility problems that can occur in the area, so they recommend fans to go to the public transport field to get to the start of the game, scheduled for 20h00.

If in the classics it is customary to produce a circulatory collapse around Camp Nou, the fact that the tsunami summons four concentration points around the stadium from 4 pm can increase difficulties and traffic must be cut to some extent.

According to the sources consulted, If any moment of tension or confrontation were detected between stadium fans and independence activists wishing to prevent detection, Mossos would assess the situation to mediate, intervene and ensure access to the sports venue. At the moment, Mossos d 'Squad, which will activate the coordination center (Cecor) the same morning Wednesday, They do not plan to establish a security line in the area, according to sources.

The Catalan police are in permanent contact with LaLiga security staff and also with Barcelona to coordinate, as within the premises it is up to the Barça club to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

According to the sources, So far, Barça has been receptive to all recommendations made by Mossos d 'Squadron. As with all the classics of recent years, The police device is prepared under the current anti-terror alert, so that access controls are established to prevent, among others, objects that can be thrown from the stands to the lawn.

It will be the Barcelona club's private security that will be responsible for monitoring, in accordance with LaLiga internal regulations, that offensive bands are not inserted, that violate sport law or that may incite violence.

Since the teams are on the grass, if there was an attempt by fans to invade the playing field, it would be the club's private security that would have to act to restore normalcy, although Mossos could intervene if the situation overflows, although it is a scenario that is not yet contemplated.

Indeed, In the security device, it is not foreseen the direct participation of the reinforcement of the National Police riot police, which would act only at the request of Cecor, directed by the regional police.

The Mossos d 'Squadron already argued in their day that the Classic originally planned for October 26 could be challenged with full guarantees, days after notification of the condemnation of the procession summit, although LaLiga agreed to its postponement on grounds of safety