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The Cup reaches sixteenths: differences with the previous format – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The new Copa del Rey was born as an attractive format, pleasant for the more modest and that promised emotion and emphasized the message that in football nothing can be taken for granted. Said and done, the first two rounds have been loaded with matches matched, of surprises, of great photographs in small fields. The KO tournament has changed and will not return to the old model. However, when the sixteenths came, What differences are noticeable years ago?

Now modest clubs get more TV revenue, as there are two more rounds issued with rights in between. Beyond the economic plane, on the transgaming.orging ground, the results have led to a round very similar to what was previously the Copa del Rey. Taking as a reference last season, First Divisions entered the 16th finals. That is, until that moment, the Super Cup campaigns were exempt.

However Luis Rubiales propelled a change that forced 16 LaLiga Santander teams to play two more playoffs and that he crossed the LaLiga SmartBank in front of more modest people with little chance of seeing each other’s faces. An idea that balanced the forces, especially by erasing the double match, which made frequent surprises impossible. In this way, it has become clear failure of Second Division clubs, who have fallen en masse to only six representatives.

First-hand people have given the cut. Some of them have suffered, such as the LiftThe MallorcaThe Villarreal or the Grenade, but only two have said goodbye to the Cup. The Alavés fell miserably before the Real Jaén last December and the Badalona the Getafe prevailed by taking advantage of the early expulsion of David Timor. The rest, one way or another, have managed to pay for the ballot and reach the round that would once have been their first test in the competition.

Thus, the difference from previous years is minimal. Last campaign played the 16th round slate slate slated by the 20 teams of Primera, 6 of Second and 6 of Second Division B. This year the same representatives of LaLiga SmartBank will play one place in eighths, but there will be two fewer of LaLiga Santander, the result of the disappointment of Alavés and Getafe. Its squares are occupied by two clubs of the bronze category.

In short, even though the new format makes it easier for small ones, the fact that having to overcome two playoffs makes the sixteenths not so different from the previous model. Most, of the mean, agree; while others promote the introduction of a pure draw. Thus, a totally open Cup would be generated, although images such as Unionists would be seen less frequently celebrating the arrival of a historic event…