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The Federation intercedes for Mirandés to LaLiga – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Federation intercedes for Mirandés to LaLiga - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has sent a letter to LaLiga requesting that it reconsider the dates proposed by LaLiga for matches prior to the Cup qualifiers to be played by Real Sociedad and Mirandés. The RFEF mediates in favor of the Burgal team to “match their rest with real society so that their rival does not have two more days of rest”, reads the letter signed by Alfredo Olivares, the director of federation competitions, to which this newspaper has had access.

It is the second time that the RFEF has asked LaLiga to put Championship matches leading up to the second leg of the Cup semi-finals on the same day, to prevent one team from having more days off than another. The first time he did so was in a telephone conversation held last day 7, as recorded in the federal document. On Wednesday he has insisted in writing as “in the playoff that pits Mirandés and Real Sociedad against each other, the Donostiarra team has two more days of rest relative to cop’s other semi-finalist(a), whose match has been set for the Sunday before the playoff return meeting.”

For now, according to the schedule set by LaLiga, Mirandés will play on Sunday 1 March against Numancia, and the 4 against The Royal. For their part, the Real Sociedad will play against Valladolid on Friday 28 February and will have two more days of rest. This is what has blown up Mirandés’ coach, Iraola, who has said that “there are decisions that are hard to understand. The difference that already exists between the two teams with this becomes even greater, and is that from having three days to having five days of break there is a substantial difference. An injustice is being committed with the Mirandés. And it’s not a complaint because it benefits the Real. If it had been Sevilla, Valencia or Atletico Madrid we would be the same,” said former Athletic Club player.

However, in the face of the uproar mounted by the slightest rest of the Burgal picture, in Donostia they remember that in the All-Eight Playoff Real-Osasuna, the txuri-urdin team had 48 hours less rest than the reds, in a similar situation. Imanol’s team played on a Sunday and Arrasate’s on Friday. And nobody said anything. The Mirandés’ complaint therefore has a precedent for this same season, and there was not as much controversy and the RFEF did not intercede.