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The French Supreme dismisses Benzema's appeal for his complaint in the & # 39; Valbuena case & # 39; – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


France's Supreme Court rejected Karim Benzema's appeal on Monday, with whom the Real Madrid striker hoped to bury the prosecution that has been chasing him since 2015 for his alleged involvement in an attempt to blackmail his then teammate Matthieu Valbuena.

The magistrates of the highest court considered that investigators did not cross legitimate boundaries to prove their involvement, contrary to what the player intended.

This means that The validity of all evidence collected by the prosecution is maintained, which could lead Benzema to sit on the bench. at the end of the instructional procedure.

Madrid defender said the action was biased of an undercover policeman who was impersonating a emissary from Valbuena to try to identify those behind the blackmail He was the object with a video of sexual content.

However, the Supreme stated that that agent "who had a role intermediary was entered into an indivisible infringement proceeding what characterized a blackmail operation and in no way caused the commission of the infringement ".

There are five others charged in this statement, including Karim Zenati, Benzema's childhood friend and former soccer player Djibril Cissé.

It all started when Valbuena reported on June 8, 2015 that some days before they contacted you to inform you of a sexual content video in which he appeared and threatened him with make it public

According to the prosecution, the blackmail prosecutors turned to Cissé, but as he did not convince Valbuena to pay, they went to Zenati to convince Benzema to act as an intermediary.

At a Bleus concentration in October of that year, the two The selection partners talked about this. Benzema advised him that pay, depending on your version, to avoid problems.

The Real Madrid striker's appeal had already reached a first Paris Court of Appeal, which rejected it in November 2018, but he did not resign and took him to the Supreme.

In addition to the purely judicial aspect, the opinion of this monday Benzema moves away from wearing the colors of his selection.

Especially while the current president of the Federation is in office French Football (FFF) Noël Le Graet, who last month said his The French international career is over.

The striker told Le Graët that only he would end his international career and not interfere with the coach's decisions.