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The future of Luis César and Carmelo del Pozo, in the air – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Paco Zas's resignation opens new unknowns. The first to know what decision will be taken by the club regarding the continuity of Luis César and Carmelo del Pozo, coach and sports director, respectively. The first, who designed the model, is indicated as the major culprit of the team's current sporting situation.. He has made the team for the past two years and has chosen Anquela, although the decision to hire Luis César was the president's team.

The coach's situation was complicated before the resignation. The coach he drove the team into a tricky situation (in decline and with the same lifesaving points, eight) and nine games later is a rookie to eight points of permanence. The objective data, their numbers in front of the team, are really ominous: four draws and five losses. Or what is the same, four points out of 27 possible. All accompanied by a horrible score balance: 15 points against just four in favor. The result is nine days without a win since their debut, something that had not happened to any coach in club history.

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The numbers are joined by their decisions. Until the seventh game did not change the system and continue betting on the same score that led Anquela to resign. Game readings, especially with the changes, leave a lot to be desired, recently just moving to the three above. This happened before Zaragoza, with Beto da Silva and Borja Valle already on the field deciding to pass Long through Mollejo when their hands dominated the average and Peru and Vicente were totally exhausted.

To all this problem, it is added that Luis César did not at any time achieve the coaching effect. Team morale and confidence remain as low or longer than when Anquela was fired. It was seen in games like Las Palmas, Elche or Extremadura, and was repeated against Zaragoza. A kick in Luis Suarez's club was enough to trigger panic and fear in the players. The global meets the particular, with quality players like Gaku or Beto da Silva who hardly count or others like Koné and Longo totally disconnected. A drama that adds that some of the clothes no longer believe in your bet or speech. Long list of problems that Luis César himself joined after Zaragoza's game: "They have led me to solve a situation and I am not solving. The coach is always the target and Luis César's is growing."