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The Getafe will file a complaint about the treatment of his hobby – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Getafe will file a complaint about the treatment of his hobby - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

A video on social media has unleashed quite a bit of controversy. In it, he explains that they are throwing things at them and they are evacuating the stadium. The Getafe has already taken up the matter as explained by President Angel Torres: “We’re going to make a complaint and we hope UEFA will do something. It is not permissible for our followers and family members to have suffered throwing objects in an area that had children, even babies. Ajax’s security has done nothing until the last minute, when the situation had been repeated on several occasions.”

That’s exactly what they’re complaining about. At the break from the match, they already warned the safety of Ajax that they were being uncrepeed and that they had thrown some glass full of beer at them. In the second half there was a time when the situation worsened, and many of the blues decided to leave the stands. Some scenes were pitiful with some sons of Getafe footballers weeping over the situation. Damián Suarez later explained it in Onda Cero: “My wife called me at the end of the game and told me that they had had a lot of tension. It’s unfortunate that they throw things away and more there are little children.” It was the grandstand in which family and commitments of the club were located. Markel Bergara, who traveled as one more amateur, was also in that area.

The bulk of the blue fans were in a corner in the north background and had no problem. In fact, before and after the game the atmosphere was festive and no incidents were recorded. The Getafe complains about the passivity of the authorities and is that, although it was not something too serious, it did generate a lot of tension and fear. The fact that there were quite a few children in the area further demonstrates the brazenness of that group of Ajax fans.