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The Hercules tries to bring Raul and the Mallorca loves Pedro Torres – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Hercules has just a few hours to close his staff. The transgaming.orgs commission rushes the days to try to incorporate some more reinforcements before Friday. Quique Hernández, in his presentation as chairman, has confirmed that shareholders are on the job of making one last effort in terms of signing.

The idea of the transgaming.orgs commission is to bring a multipurpose player in attack and some under-23 reinforcement. For days, Hercules has been trying to bring back Raúl González (Alicante 1991). The problem with the quarryist is that has a year and a half contract ahead with Lleida and the Catalan club asks for financial compensation to let him out. The Hercules is not in a position to pay transfer and expects the player to get the freedom card or an option in the form of a transfer to return to Rico Perez.

Raúl has played 18 games so far, between Liga and Copa. In 13 of them he was the starter. He scored two goals, one of them to Hercules in Rico Perez in the first round. Raul very much likes his character and his herculano feeling. Interestingly, he made his first-team debut in Segunda, in the 2012–13 season, with Quique Hernández, currently president of the club.

The player purported by the Hercules was forged in the mud, as it also passed through the Orihuela, Ontinyent and Ebro, among others. It was in the Aragonese team that he exploded with nine goals and earned a good contract at Lleida. Now the Hercules needs him and wants to recruit him to escape the descent, but it won’t be easy.

Pedro Torres, tempted by Mallorca and other subsidiaries

The Hercules is also aware of possible exits. Pedro Torres has been the last to show up at the offices of Rico Pérez to move an offer from Mallorca, as golsmedia noted. AS has confirmed that the pivot is on the Balearic club’s schedule to play at its affiliate, in Third and with options to climb. The Hercules does not plan to let Pedro Torres out at zero cost and that has been moved by the club to the player in a meeting that took place today in Rico Perez.

For now, Mallorca does not plan to offer any financial compensation for the white-white quarry, although in the last hours the option of the Balearic club offering a transfer with compulsory purchase option has been assessed next year. It is also not ruled out that Mallorca attempts to sign Pedro Torres with some exchange of under-23 players. The Alicantino midfielder has a year and a half of a contract ahead with The Hercules and is counting for Vicente Mir in the last few days. This course has played five matches and has a great future. That is why Hercules does not intend to loosen up in the negotiation. Apart from Mallorca, other subsidiaries have also taken an interest in their situation.