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The Hurdenlufer does not threaten any bites – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith



Alphonso Davies was once again one of the best at Bayern Munich in the 3-0 victory in the Champions League quarter-finals at Chelsea. The 19-year-old left-hander is both offensively and defensively equal and increasingly has become a crowd favourite. Now he is beckoning a new contract.

Already waving his threat, Thomas Müller realized that it was an empty threat. “He knows,” he says. “If he’s a millimetre, I’ll be behind him and i’ll be in his waddles – if I catch it.” Naturally, he will never catch him! A Thomas Müller doesn’t catch Alphonso Davies! But you can’t take that away from Müller, because as you know, nobody gets an Alphonso Davies at FC Bayern.

“Even compared to our high-speed faction, which we already did before, his speed is still one step more,” Muller explained. Davies had moved from the Vancouver Whitecaps to FC Bayern in January 2019 and, after six months of start-up, he will leave. In the 3-0 win at Chelsea once again and that meant that after that there was plenty of ‘about him.

Flick ber Davies: “His development is phenomenal”

For example, transgaming.orging director Hasan Salihamidzic, who was at Davies’ former commitment and is now at Stamford Bridge. Together with the head of the scouting department Marco Neppe, he had watched “several games and many videos” of Davies: “We were immediately ‘convinced and we were on him’.

After the commitment, however, patience was first required. Davies made only six appearances for Bayern in his first half, but since the end of October he has secured his regular place as a left-back and missed just ten minutes of play.

“His development is phonenial and on,” said coach Hansi Flick, and Salihamidzic said something ‘exuberant and almost unflinible’: “Now he’s played 23 or 24 games in a row.” 21 was it, but who will blame Salihamidzic for these arithmetic errors? With Davies’ good actions in those 21, they were also able to play 23 or 24 games.

Alphonso Davies: Over-the-top actions at the front and back

Davies’s performance at Chelsea, for example, has everything that sets him apart – and the remarkable thing is that his outstanding actions are equally spread across the offensive and defensive play. As evidence, his pursuit of the escaped Mason Mount with winning the ball was a memeful Chelsea chance (18th), and his solo in dogs-ufer-like samt perfect entry to Robert Lewandowski, who scored for the 3-0 success (76th). Davies won just under 80 per cent of his doubles and won just under 91 per cent of his pésse.

“There are a lot of players,” Mueller said. “But you also have to show a certain efficiency. The ‘outstanding thing about Phonzie is that he then brings the flank ma’genau.” Davies has seven assists (and one goal) this season.

Construction progress is not only visible in his flanking skills, but also in defensive positional play. A trained left-hander became a left defender in the shortest time, playing as if he had never made others. “It’s impressive, he learned tactically last year,” Müller said.

After the whistle, Davies was taken by the fans of FC Bayern

When his colleagues talk about Davies, you can see how much they shave him. Not only as a player, but also as a guy. And his coach Flick praises: “He is well integrated and brings Spain into the team.” But Davies rarely has as much Spao as he did in this game at Stamford Bridge, and that’s because of his childhood. Davies’ father-war Chelsea fan, personified his favourite player Didier Drogba. “It’s a dream come true to play in the stadium yesterday,” Davies said.

And the dream didn’t end with the whistle. When the team finished after the final whistle before the turn and made their way towards the cabin, the fans chanted: “Phonzie! Phonzie!” Davies turned around, chuckled and clapped towards the fans. He is beckoned by the status of the audience favourites – and according to conforming reports, an early contract termination ‘over two years with increased concerns.