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The last Athletic champion hopes to ring the bell – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Athletic reconciled with his history 36 years ago. In 1983, specifically on 1 May, the red-white set won the Island’s long-desired league title, for the seventh time, with its score (1-5) against Las Palmas, coupled with the unexpected Real Madrid defeat compared to a Valencia that played permanence. They had passed 27 years since the mythical Gainza get up that trophy and ten since Athletic didn’t taste any titles. It was an explosion of jubilation and the first launch of the Barge the symbol of the champion in Bilbao

Real Madrid Shield/Flag

Some of the Members of that team of legend crumble matches against Madrid for AS and what can hold today’s appointment. In that 1982-83 campaign, the lions lost the two commitments against the whites: 2-0 (García Hernández and Pineda) in San Mamés and 2-4 at the Bernabéu. On 8 August 1982 they both coincided in a friendly in La Línea de la Concepción, also 2-0 for the meringues.

The Athletic managed that decade of the 80 two consecutive leagues, a Super Cup and a Copa del Rey. Zubizarreta he is today transgaming.orging director of Marseille; Melendez, De Andrés and Urkiaga they work at the club; De la Fuente serves as under-21 coach; Sarabia, as a radio commentator; And Patxi Salinas, Basconia technician, second red-white subsidiary. Goikoetxea now in the Athletic Foundation, was a defensive stronghold, forming tandem with Liceranzu, who has led his life to the benches. “It’s a very complicated field, I get images of winning and doing it without me. The details sometimes give them the prize,” explains Goiko, who recently presented a book about his biography. His friend Urtubi, second coach at Aranguren de Primera Regional, assumes that “the Bernabéu gave us better than the Camp Nou, lor we saw more feasible,” and recipethat “you have to keep the goal to zero, if it’s not too hard.”

Athletic Shield/Flag

On tip of that team for history was Dani, now a radio commentator. “The matches in Madrid were important battles, difficult visits that you faced with enthusiasm”. The often ‘7’ recorded seven wins, four draws and nine losses against the meringues, who are currently judging: “Now they are fine, but you have little to lose there.”

Miguel Sola, current calahorra technician II of Second B, was one of the regulars of the famous league media alongside From Andrés, Gallego and Urtubi. “In those seasons we competed well.” At present, it recognizes, measuring Madrid requires “defend well and be brave; they attack you a lot, but they also leave behind something to be desired.”

ElgezabalA hardened midfielder who is now engaged in the rehabilitation of herniated discs with a specific machine, remember that at the Bernabeu they had a maxim: “We played like never before and lost as usual.” He likes Modric and Bale and believes that in his time “the difference was shorter between the two”. Your pale for today indicates that Madrid “is a team that lets you play, but in four actions get you in trouble“.