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The Levante solves the copero process in just 20 minutes – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Levante solves the copero process in just 20 minutes - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The real possibility of a chime on Alvarez Claro lasted exactly eight minutes. That was the time the score was 0-0. Coke signed a double in three minutes. One, mark the house, in a corner of the head. The other, on a personal play. At that instant, the Melilla collapsed. The illusion of playing against a First gripped them. Instead of looking outrageous at the once-in-a-lifetime occasion, their legs weighed their legs in the first 20 minutes. Goal David, the best of the match, was the only one that reduced water in the amateur ensemble of Melilla, with its stops.

It wasn’t until the 25th minute that he started making some attacking play and began to stand firm in defense of the home team. By then the Levante, in addition to The Coke double, Mayoral had made the third, after three shots and Sergio León had failed the fourth door empty. That was the first symptom of granota relaxation, which saw how in 20′ minutes had settled the process. In 41′, the quarryer Pablo lost a ball to Vazquez and he grazed the glory of marking a Primera by crashing the ball into Oier’s stick.

After passing the changing rooms, Levante came out with the intention of scoring any more goals and not suffering any damage from Sunday’s league match. It was Hernani who had the clearest but a immeasurable David denied him two clear occasions. However a one-on-one play by Morales through the baseline ended with the Portuguese goal, on the empty door.

Melilla, already on the looseby by then, tried to make a historic goal. And he came to get it after a start from Pelu that was about to mark elisheus at his own door. Sergio Leon, on the penalty, made the fifth.


Clerc (45′, Toño García), Ramón Cuadrado Pedreño (48′, David Vazquez), Braim Amar (56′, José Luis Fernández), José Medina (62′, Manolo Fernandez), Campaign (71′, Mayoral), Enis Bardhi (76′, Morales)


0-1, 8′: Coke, 0-2, 11′: Coke, 0-3, 19′: Mayoral, 0-4, 54′: Herni, 0-5, 83′: Sergio León


Salah Amar (7′,Yellow