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The Lightning should lose the match to the new FIFA rule – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


A few months ago we published in SPORT that for this season, in addition to all the new rules of the International Board, another important novelty was to be incorporated into our football. And it’s the ability of the referees to suspend a match for incidents of racism, subject to the amendment of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. What they call the three-level procedure.


Act. 17/12/2019 at 10:19 A.m.

Ramon Fuentes

In the same FIFA, he urged all national associations in a circular issued on 25 July. It read: “to all member federations, leagues, clubs and football disciplinary bodies to adopt the same procedure on three levels in their national competitions” and to continue like this”a zero-tolerance policy for racist and discriminatory incidents in football and severely punishing these behaviors;

It is worth remembering what this procedure is all about. At first you can stop the match (after that, make an announcement by the stadium public address with the relevant explanation and call to cease discriminatory or racist behavior). If the referee persists, he can interrupt the match and send the players to the dressing room for a reasonable time (then make an announcement by the stadium public address with the relevant explanation and a call to cease discriminatory behavior).

And ultimately the collegiate is entitled to suspend the match (after that, make an announcement by the public address of the stadium with the relevant explanation and the order to leave the stadium following the instructions of the security staff). Remember that the meeting will be given to the team whose fondity motivates this discriminatory or racist behavior.

In the same circular FIFA offers all associations a protocol of operation and launch that goes through “a pre-match pre-emptive announcement and a first announcement that can be used as a warning, without interrupting the match and before using the procedure on three levels”. So in explaining the rules that referees clubs before the start of the season, should include this circumstance.

In addition to this FIFA standard are the possible disciplinary consequences imposed on competition committee from an economic point of view in addition to the partial or total closure of the stadium. And finally there will also be the proposal for a sanction of the Anti-Violence Commission because the Law against Xenophobia, Racism, Intolerance in Sports Shows enables the collegiate to suspend the party for such incidents.