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The madness of the Spanish Super Cup: from Stoichkov’s toe to Mourinho’s finger – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith




The Super Cup, a tournament being played for the first time in Arabia, has hosted some of the most iconic moments of Spanish ftbol

Mourinho puts his finger in the eye of Tito Vilanova in 2011.

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Any football fan knows which team has more European Cups, more Leagues or more Copadel del Rey. If you are wondering for five you have won more Super Cups of Espaa -the Barcelona-, instead… Historically, the tournament they play from maana Bara, Valencia, Madrid and Atltico has been more a peck than a main course, a cockade without too much prestige that has been floundering in terms of its format and its location in the calendar, as this one also happens this Season. It happens, however, that the Super Cup has been the scene of some of the most iconic moments in the history of Spanish ftbol, especially the clsicos. From Stoichkov’s pisotn to Urizar Azpitarte to Mourinho’s finger in tito Vilanova’s eye, must-have scenes of the folklore of our football.

Pisotn by Stoichkov

After the first of the five consecutive Leagues of Bara de Cruyff, in 1990 the Azulgrana and Real Madrid faced each other in one of the most remembered Super Cups ever. It was, in part, because in the first leg Stoichkov lost the papers and trolled the referee of the party, Urizar Azpitarte, who of course expelled him. The funny thing about this story is that now they’re both great friends. The rbitro, in fact, was invited by the footballer to attend a tribute given to him a ye on Sofa by the Bulgarian authorities.

Aragn’s goal

We’re still in 1990. Madrid win in the first leg by 0-1 after playing 50 minutes with 10. On the return at the Bernabu, Goikoetxea the same score before Di Stefano’s team unleashed a perfect storm. It was four goals, the last of them a marvel of Santi Aragn, perhaps the best goal in the history of this tournament. It was a 42-metre shot that caught Zubizarreta ahead. Aragn, then a young man almost unknown, celebrated with what was then his floor mate, Julen Lopetegui.

Back of Honor by Luis Enrique

It was 1993 and Madrid faced the Super Cup with the recent injury of the two Leagues of Tenerife and a season in the budding that did not look very good – it did not have it. At the height of the Dream Team, the white team was at least the like to win the Super Cup at the Camp Nou and celebrate it with a round of honor in the blue-winged field led by Mchel… and by Luis Enrique. They had to stop because of the rain of objects by the public. But the celebration continues, albeit with a different protagonist…

Bota Mendoza

Back in Madrid, the white expedition met a line of radicals waiting for him in Barajas. The then white president, Ramn Mendoza, embraces them and joins his cnticos, having heard Jos Luis Nez complain about the provocation of the failed return of honor. The man came upstairs first, with the harmless Mendoza boat! and then with the polmico and remembered It is Polish that does not boat!.

Ronaldo’s debut in Espaa

Barcelona surprised in 1996 by making the most expensive transfer of the history of the football, 2.5 billion pesetas by a Brazilian striker of 19 years who comes from PSV. The average amateur has no idea what a quin was that Ronaldo or, of course, if he deserves such an inversin. In his debut, in the first leg of the Super Cup against Atltico (5-2), I already made clear what he will come for. Two goals and titled at an Olmpico Stadium in Montjuc with less public than expected. The rest is history.

Mecherazo a Roberto Carlos

A year late, already with Ronaldo in Miln, Barcelona and Real Madrid were playing their fourth Super Cup. The 1997 ended as the previous three, with a blank triumph. What happens to history, however, is the lighter that Roberto Carlos received in the first leg at the Camp Nou. The Brazilian was able to continue the match and Bara was sanctioned with 500,000 pesetas, some 3,000 euros at the change.

Mourinho’s finger

The fifth was defeated for Bara. In 2011 he finally defeated Madrid in the Super Cup thanks to a goal of Messi at the Camp Nou who breaks the tie to four aggregate. After that, an entrance from Marcelo to Cesc desat a tangana in the area of benches that ended with Mourinho, white technician, sticking his finger into the eye of Tito Vilanova, then second of Guardiola. About Pito, or whatever it’s called, I have nothing to hide, the cmaras have seen it all, said the Portuguese technician, who you give ms tarde apologised to the madridism.

Athletic’s triumph

In 2015, the Basque group dragged a 31-year-old sequa without winning a title and had lost three finals in five years, all three against Barcelona. The Super Cup reached him in the midst of a calendar overloaded by the Europa League previews. Instead, Athletic achieved an unexpected 4-0 first leg in San Mams against Bara with a hat-up from Aduriz. The Gabarra was about to sail the Nervin’s club’ club, but the club’s board desistied, understanding that the tournament was a minor entity.

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