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The model bets on the plenary before Christmas – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Malaga people have recovered a significant dose of optimism and confidence. With the latest results. Five points out of nine that got him out of the relegation zone and revitalized the locker room. Players scored a challenge from here for the Christmas holiday: make a complete victory and add the three points to Extremadura and Lugo. “We know these are two very important games before Christmas break. If we can win both, from a very bad mother. With this game we're watching, we'll be on the right track, ”said Diego González very graphically yesterday.

Shield / Flag Malaga

The message at the booth is clear: Adding the next six points would give the team a very important boost. And so it was also stated by one of the captains, Luis Hernández, after the win against Tenerife: “We are having trouble finding this series of game additions and I hope from now on. We want to add six points in the two games left before Christmas. "

To get the most before the end of the year, it's essential to keep the goal at zero, fact that the team has managed in the last two games against Numancia and Tenerife. Indeed, the four games Malaga have won in this league have been unbeaten.

"We are finding a good momentum"

Diego Gonzalez He spoke yesterday at a news conference about his new headline role after Lombán's injury. Cadiz have performed well in the last two games. “I feel good, at ease. You have to keep working, you can't stop. We are finding a good team dynamic, we need to continue on this path. In these last two games, we left the goal at zero and in the game we feel more comfortable, creating opportunities and putting them in last Friday. This improves everyone's self esteem. After a win, you are always more positive, happier, but also with your head in the next game. Every week you play and can't relax when it's good or bad, ”he explained. The center also spoke about institutional problems and the possibility of leaving in January: “I live very quietly, I focus on what I'm enjoying here in Malaga. I like to improve and play here, we'll see later, I am currently focused on the project. We are left out of all this, there is no concern, these things do not affect us and this is positive. "