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The Napoli-Barca will be the most expensive match in the history of San Paolo – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Napoli-Barca will be the most expensive match in the history of San Paolo - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Naples appears to have emerged from the worst crisis of its last 15 years. After the defeat to Fiorentina (the fourth in a row at home, something never seen since 1998), the Azzurri managed eliminate Lazio from the Italian Cup and beat Juventus de Sarri in the same week. They did it at the San Paolo and it happened just as organized groups reappeared in Fuorigrotta.

The strike born for the fines of 166 euros that the club sent to the fans over the past few months ceased when an agreement was reached that provided tolerance for tifosi occupy a different place from the one that had their entrance. This allowed the groups to get together and sing again, returning to the stadium, from the showdown with Lazio, the very warm atmosphere that made him famous in the world.

This morning, however, another controversy arose between the fans and the Azzurra entity, which published the price of tickets for the Champions League match with Barcelona February 25. The sale will start tomorrow for subscribers (February 6 for everyone else) and tickets are the most expensive in the club’s history: the popular sector, the Curves, will cost 70 euros, while the Distinti 130, the Family Grandstand 120 (40 for children under 12), nisida Tribune 190 and The Posillipo 250 euros.

Prices never seen: for the 2017 Real Madrid match, the same sectors cost, respectively, 50, 100, 80, 150 and 190 euros. The Naples decision was met with anger on social media, and many tifosi promise not to attend the meeting as a form of protest. That said, as the Gattuso outfit continues to grow, it seems even harder to imagine anyone wanting to miss the premiere of Barcelona and Leo Messi at the San Paolo. Whatever it costs.




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