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The new & # 39; Cup: a city of 700 people, a handball club, Andorra … – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Today's story will be made in ten stadiums across Spain. History of twenty teams, each more modest, that will play in the preliminary phase of the new Copa del Rey. Thus, representatives of regional football last season have a common goal: overcome your crossing and enter the first phase. Over there, First Division teams await you. Surprising as it may seem, small budgets and cities with few inhabitants will face those that deal with millions and millions and are recognized around the world. Yes for now neither Valencia nor Real Madrid nor Atlético nor Barcelona They can cross your path. Exempt from the Super Cup, they will enter sixteen. Anyway, they all have a great story that starts from the law that governs the king's sport: a goal and a ball.

Andorra Andratx

Andorra (4 of G.III of Second B) represents the exception of all those who had a ball in the draw at Las Rozas. Gerard Piqué's side took a leap forward when the Barcelona player took charge. They reached the grass to rise to Third and offices to Second Division B. Yes, they will face on equal terms a team of two categories below and a significantly smaller budget. Part of the process for just playing the Champions hymn in the Principality …

Andorra de Piqué, a project called to do great things in football.

Just an email, a phone and a curious visitor desk (14,105 at the time of writing these lines) they appear on Andratx's website (6th from Third G.XI). On your Instagram there are more posts, although it surpasses a thousand followers. In the field they do better, although the draw was not benevolent with them. They represent the city of Andratx, Mallorca, and will certainly see its 11,004 inhabitants. A sun stands out on its shield, which closely resembles that of the Uruguayan flag.


Tolosa (G.IV de Tercera 13) is a classic of Spanish sport.. Yes, sport as it is a sports club with sections like Basque ball, handball or tennis. Close to being a centenary (born 1922), it can be a historic station if they end up facing a First Division. In the club they played internationally Perico Alonso or Hill and at your stadium, the Berazubi, Spanish Championship of Athletics. Only 299 people follow them on Twitter, but millions may end up watching on television. They represent Tolosa, a city of Guipuzcoa with almost 20,000 inhabitants.

<figure id = "sumario_2 | photo" onclick = "javascript: broadFoto (this, & # 39; /futbol/imagenes/2019/11/12/copa_del_rey/1573588097_527299_1573588677_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , & # 39; 609 & # 39 ;, Real Sociedad and Eibar paid tribute to Perico Alonso in a match in Berazubi. /

Real Sociedad and Eibar paid tribute to Perico Alonso in a match in Berazubi.

The Pontellas started off strongly but are falling in Group I (15th). From the city of Porriñofrom the province of Pontevedra, live their first season in the Third Division with enthusiasm. They do not reach 700 & # 39; followers & # 39; in your networksat where share sports news and advocate cleaning other people's clothes. His story has merit as it has risen from one of his group's most modest budgets on Preferred. The entity is headed by four women. From story to story, they will never forget the 2019-20 season.


Field calf. Province of Palencia 754 inhabitants !! Surprising, since only the members of the Seville or Betis squad and their council could touch one tenth of the city's census. Becerril (16 of Third G.VIII), however, has an important chain of network followers (2,165 on Twitter) and a very high number of partners for the local population: 400. They play at the 2,000-seat Mariano Haro stadium. Perhaps their stands were a prelude to the day they were filled to see the First. The box, of course, is loaded with & # 39; glamor & # 39 ;.

Posada de Llanes, a parish belonging to the Council of Llanes in Asturias, has about 2,000 inhabitants. Thus, the confrontation with Becerril will not even represent 3,000 people territorially, but it will be full of enthusiasm. The Magpie (6th in Third G.II), yes, Has a long history. It was founded for the pleasure of some friends of the city and its name is due to a team from Madrid.. Next to downtown Don Orione, they founded a team of people with disabilities. Eugenia MenéndezPresident explained: "They will have a medical examination and their own records." The union for the ball does not understand budgets.


Comillas (14th in Third G.XVI) will represent an autonomous community capital such as Logroñoalthough not for that reason it is less humble. As a good football team, loving the ball is your greatest commandment, as expressed in your welcome message on Twitter: "Good ball handling is our hallmark". Tap the World Stadium 82Good to see for the category. It has a capacity of 3,500 spectators and is also local Logroñés Sports Society or the subsidiary of UD Logroñés.

Who knows if the story will change if it happens in the preliminary phase, but today Barquereño (14th of the Third World III) doesn't even have a profile on Twitter. The italicized lines were written before the profiling, fruit of the media cyclone that is the World Cup. It was natural anyway, since he only played 13 seasons in Terceira and, in the previous one the social network was born. From San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria, 4,158 inhabitants), it was founded in 1954 and, in their Facebook account (yes, Facebook did), they seek to collect mythical images of when they were already playing decades ago. They went out to celebrate the climb in the back of a truck.

Fraga-Peña Azagresa

72 years of history endorse Fraga (14 by G.XVII de Tercera), Fraga City Team, in Huesca. In its stadium, La Estacada, more than a quarter of the city enters, which has about 15,000 inhabitants. He played four seasons in Second Division B and was four times the best team in his group in the lower category. 2,384 people follow his steps on Twitterwhere they narrate the club activity every day.

Peña Azagresa (December 15th century) did not start the season well, but the cup is always a medicine for everything. Humble club where they are, bingo proceeds from the Azagra celebrations were destined for the growth of the entity. Hours earlier, they organized a popular lunch in collaboration with the City Hall. Also, your values ​​are above all. In February, his cadet team scored with the injured rival goalkeeper and later allowed himself to fit in to make up for the gesture.. They live in Azagra, a city of 3,853 inhabitants of Navarre.

Antoniano-Atlético de Porcuna

Him Antonian (4 from G.X with 16 points) represents the municipality of Lebrija in the World Cup (27,432) from Seville. Created in 1964, Its name is due to Peña Juventud Antoniana, whose name points to Antonio de Nebrija, a native of the city. More curious is why its subsidiary is known as Lebrija Football Speedy Club. Simple: was the first team created in the city. In your military model Pepelu, which debuted with Betis in the Europa League and has been playing at Iceland's Fjardabyggd. As they say: at home, nowhere.

Atlético Porcuna is not doing so well (18th G.IX of the third). Maybe due to arbitrage errors or at least that you have guaranteed on your Twitter account sometimes self-criticism prevails as well. Regardless of, promote lectures on sport psychology for players and families deal with the alternation of football in everyday life. They are part of the city of Porcuna, in the province of Jaén. They exceed 600 subscribers, which is worth it for a population of 6,283. Its subsidiary operates in another city in Lopera.

Ramón and Cajal-El Palmar

Ramón y Cajal is possibly the most anomalous case of all exposed so far. The "Ramón y Cajal Club de Fútbol" search on Google gives only a dozen answers. Anyway, normal, since it's a team of … handball! With football section, of course. Also surprised that he couldn't get promotion to the Third and Don't play this season at Preferred until 2020. They were the best of Ceuta in Regional and reach the Cup as the humblest among the humble.

El palmar (16 of Third G.XIII) Represents the neighborhood of Don Juan Place in Murcia and responds to about 23,000 inhabitants. Not everyone will be from there, but it's one of the favorite derivative equipment that More followers have on social networks, with about 4,000. Two days after playing the preliminary round, there was a robbery on the club premises that left them without sports equipment and in a critical situation to dispute the draw. O The Federation of Murcia has provided them with what is necessary to remedy the crime.. The great things football has.

Melilla CD-Lobón

Among all the autonomous city teams, Melilla CD was the best of last season at Preferente. However, hit a wall in the third and conceded 24 goals in the first eight days (now he's 17th from G.IX). Before the Lobón has the entire population in their favor, or so it seems. In a friendly against UD Melilla, they asked network fans who they would support and the search ended in tables. Before the season started, they had problems with the entries, but managed to correct them.

The Lobón coach said he was "in shock" having to travel to Melilla to play the preliminary round of the Copa del Rey. Still, the illusion dominates the Extremadura team, which he celebrated his first promotion to the Regional three years ago. A meteoric evolution if they end up playing against the First Division. It is not known if your pet, a wolf, will stay in Lobón (2,757 inhabitants, in the province of Badajoz). Your animator spirit, yes, the first one will get on the bus.

<figure id = "sumario_9 | photo" onclick = "javascript: broadFoto (this, & # 39; /futbol/imagenes/2019/11/12/copa_del_rey/1573588097_527299_1573591873_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , & # 39; 531 & # 39 ;, players from Los Lobón they celebrate with their pet a triumph in Terceira.

Lobón players celebrate with their mascot a third victory.


Poplar (15th from group VII of the third) is the representative of Madrid football in the preliminary round. He lives in a small town in the southwest of the capital, with just under 10,000 inhabitants. Roza Castilla-La Mancha, but fate wanted a few kilometers to become the best in territorial Madrid to play the new Cup. On your shield you can see a classic ball, the mark of the Third Division.. About 50 years the duel against Pedroñeras will be the most important in its history.

The Pedroñeras (15th from group XVIII of the third) he just beat Pogba's brother's team last weekend. So far, it's as close as possible to the media focus, although Your Twitter account is the best.. Celebrate goals and wins with comic GIFs, summon the penguins for tonight's game and they make posters that have nothing to envy to the Leganés. They put a bus for fans to live with the team on a historic day.

Intercity-Gran Tarajal

The intercity (2nd of group VI of third) is the newest club of all those in the preliminary round. It was founded just two and a half years ago. and it has a major economic injection behind it. In fact, it aspires to be publicly traded. Your president Salvador Martí, defined reaching this phase as "a milestone" and remembered the stage they played in front of only 30 spectators. Represents San Juan de Alicante, a city of 23,519 inhabitants, and aspires to be, in the future, a professional soccer club.

7,757 inhabitants will live a historic day for Gran Tarajal from Fuerteventura Island (2nd of Group VII of the Third Division). The team has started the season spectacularly but retains their humility of the past. He doesn't even have Twitter, although his hobby honors him. In the social network, they call themselves "the green tide" and celebrated the rise among palm trees. Recently Tuineje City Council approved coverage of its soccer field combat the sometimes extreme weather conditions of the Canary Islands. They have a camel on the shield because the city silhouette looks like a camel's back.

Grand Tarajal fans celebrated the climb among the palm trees.

Grand Tarajal fans celebrated the climb among the palm trees.