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the new trailer shows us the gameplay in detail – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Bandai Namco has released a new trailer dedicated to the gameplay of Captain Tsuabasa: Rise of new Champions.

Bandai Namco released a new trailer dedicated to Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new Champions the new video game based on the famous manga and anime written by Yoichi Takahashi better known to us as Holly and Benji. After the directives of the same author and the producers of the anime for the new animated series (aired in Japan from April 2018 to April 2019) the Tsubasa brand will keep the original names in each country, so as to uniform the Tsubasa brand worldwide. So nothing more Holly Hutton, (D.E. Holly Hut Or Mark Lenders, D.E., but from now on only Tsubasa Ozora And Kojiro Hyuga.

The new trailer shows the two most famous teams in the series, Tsubasa’s Nankatsu, and Kojiro’s Toho facing each other in a match. In the eight minutes of the video we can see different mechanics related to the gameplay of the title, which, in addition to super shots like the powerful Tiger Shot by Kojiro Hyuga, also shows us other interesting details.

We can indeed see how shots can be intercepted by defenders, as with the famous interception of the face of Ryo Ishizaki (i.e. the Bruce Harper of the old version), or some passing techniques, such as the one put in place by Toho, that allow to overcome the opposing defense in fluency. Goalkeepers will also be able to activate a super parade that will neutralize any safe shot, such as the famous jump technique between the posts of Ken Wakashimazu (Ed Warner). On some occasions when two players will activate a Contrast on the ball at the same time, a kind of minigame will be activated where the one who presses the controller keys faster will win.

In this new gameplay Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new Champions shows itself as a football game with a purely spirit Arcade and that doesn’t even remotely try to propose a simulated title like Fifa or PES. Mechanics prefer the simplicity and showmanship of the actions to the technicalities, and this new demonstration video makes it clear.

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At present, there is no launch date for the game, but it is scheduled for the 2020 PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Captain Tsubasa will also have an important partnership with the upcoming 2020 European Championships and will also be among the anime characters who will sponsor this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

What do you think of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new Champions? Are you ready to sail the fields of this new video game?

Source: Gematsu