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The new World Cup begins with the illusion of modest football – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The new World Cup begins with the illusion of modest football

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Modest football starts today in the new Copa del Rey. Twenty teams gather in the preliminary round of the KO tournament to fight for one of the ten remaining slots to play the first round.

RFEF approved last April to change the format of the tournament to expand the number of participating teams and move from 83 to 116. Although this season there are 115 clubs from the competition judge decided yesterday to exclude Reus and leave your place vacant. This increase mainly benefited teams that were better placed in the territorial categories last season, as long as they were not subsidiaries.

The last ones will face today to enter the first round of the World Cup, which will be held on December 17, 18 or 19, in a team of LaLiga Santander.

"We are very excited about this draw. It is a different and special game for all of us," CF Comillas coach Javier Adán told AS. "This new format is wonderful because it puts modest football on the map. Players have no fixed money, they play for art."adds Javier Adam.

The vast majority of players who play in these modest clubs are amateur or semi-professional and have their job besides playing soccer. "In the team we have students, fellows, community managers, people who work in meat factories …" says El Alamo coach Emilio López. "The format change is very positive and makes fans feel more involved in this tournament," he continues. "Players face this preliminary draw with an ambition to play in the first round against a First. Also, for the club, qualification is an important part of our budget, "says Emilio.

"We are trying to get players and lower categories to see that what the team can achieve today is historic. It may be the most important moment in Comillas history. It may be many years before we have another opportunity like this, "says Miguel Ángel Caro, Comillas sports director.

Clubs will enter € 23,000

Spanish Football Federation awards Copa del Rey qualifying Third Division teams with 23,000 euros. For those who pass the round, the amount they will enter will be 35,000 if they join the & # 39; Boost 23 & # 39; presented by Luis Rubiales on 4 November. If they do not participate in this project, the amount they would receive will be 31,000.

In addition, another of the delights of Copa del Rey is that lower-class clubs will be the ones that act as venues for single-party playoffs. This assumes that Third Division teams, which will be rated First in the first round, will also have box office revenue. "The new Cup format is very important for clubs economically. It's a big boost," says Miguel Angel Caro.

This is the cup

-First round. The event will be held from December 17-19. This Sunday will cross the crosses at 12:30 in Las Rozas. 16 LaLiga Santander teams will be present (Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Valencia and Real Madrid are exempt until the sixteenth to qualify for the Spanish Super Cup), the 22 LaLiga SmartBank clubs, 38 Second B clubs, the four RFEF Cup semi-finalists, the 21 third-place clubs already ranked, and today's 10 winners in the previous round. After Reus's exclusion, there will be a Second B team that will be dismissed, as marked by the tie, and will go directly per round. Subsidiary and dependent teams do not participate.

-Second round. The 55 first-round winners and the dismissed Second B team will play January 11-12. The criterion of matching lower tier teams with First and Second winners is maintained. The field is still that of the lower category team, or, if it is the same, where it was the first in the draw.

-16ths. On January 22, the 28 winning clubs from the previous draw will participate and Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Atlético and Real Madrid will enter. These last four will try to match as much as possible with the survivors of Territorial, Third or Second Category B. And the remaining First and Second teams with the rest.

-Eighth. January 29 The sixteenth criterion is maintained.

-Four. February 5 Pure Draw The field criterion is maintained.

Semifinals. Pure draw and double match. The order of extraction of the balls will mark in which field the first stage is played (February 12) and the return (March 4).

-Last. April 18th