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The penultimate train to Núñez – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Unai Núñez was not playing at Wanda Metropolitano stadium on October 26. Month and a half at the bank, chewing on a replacement he doesn't understand. He is ambitious and was very solvent against Real Betis. Earlier, at the start of the league, he played the first two games due to Iñigo Martínez's injury in a great tone, and in Butarque, in a three-tier week, in which Gaizka Garitano made turns as Iago Herrerín's goal. The winter market window opens around the corner. Núñez awaits the winter market unless he gets on the property train. Several clubs from Premier, Italy (Milan) and Bundesliga (Bayern) are closely following.

At Benito Villamarín, he warmed up when Derio's coach saw that the game was hopelessly slipping away. Núñez moved through the pack of the Verdiblanco temple, knowing that another time was coming and he had to take advantage of it. Joaquín Sánchez had made an Athletic 8 and it was time to change direction. Núñez left after the break for the sacrifice of Iñigo Córdoba, varying the system with three central and two lateral (Capa and Yuri) long distance. Although he was accused of yellow in his first action by raising more than his left leg before Emerson's advance, he immediately calmed down, calculated his movements, and greatly supported the red and white defense.

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The result was offset by a second of Yuri, but no scratch could be scratched. Against this background, and despite his remarkable performance, it seems unlikely that Garitano will repeat Saturday's second-half scam against Eibar in San Mamés. “We lost in a complicated field, we can't go crazy. Let's look at the game coldly. We have to fix things from the first 25 minutes we did it wrong. The team has worked well so far, ”said Garitano. Núñez continues with his idea of ​​playing and, if not in Bilbao, he looks out. Your 30 million clause seems accessibleAlthough it is complicated if you return to the reservation. He knows the competence of Yeray and Iñigo Martínez, but is not inferior to them. The winter window opens in 20 days.