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The Provincial Council recognizes the top-ranked Girona teams – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The top-ranked Girona teams in this year’s edition of the MIC – Mediterranean International Cup – received recognition from the Provincial Council of Girona. The event took place in the plenary hall, with the participation of Miquel Noguer, president of the corporation; David Bellver, president of the MIC, and Juanjo Rovira, director of MICFootball and MICBasketball.

20/12/2019 at 18:39


In total, seven of the award-winning demarcation teams. At MICFootball, Unión Deportiva Llagostera was a semi-finalist in the a2 category (men’s U18) and Girona Football Club, the comforting champion in category F (U19 women’). Girona Basketball won in the u18 and u16 men’s categories at MICBasketball, while Uni Girona achieved victory in the women’s U18. The Ramon Noguera Foundation team was a finalist at the MIC Integra basketball, while that of MAP Abadessenc, finalist of the company group at THE MIC Integra of football. “In all this time, many players who are now part of the professional elite around the world have passed through the tournament. And this is certainly a source of pride. But the greatness of the MIC is that the home players, whatever category they are, from Girona teams like all of you, can compete on an equal footing with the base teams of the best clubs in the world. And this is an unpayable experience, which you will remember forever,” President Miquel Noguer said.

The MIC, which takes place every year at Easter in the Girona counties, will reach the twentieth consolidated edition in 2020 as the most prestigious training tournament in the world. Its dimension has been growing to have today three modalities (MICFootball, MICBasketball and MIC Integra), carrying about 10,000 people among players, coaches, family referees and volunteers, and mobilizing around 250,000 spectators in each edition. “We hope that the results obtained in the latter MIC will have given it a boost at this start of the season, and that it will come back strongly in 2020. That his progression in transgaming.orgs life is notseen without forgetting the values”, stressed Juanjo Rovira.

The tournament has the guaranteed continuity in the demarcation for four more years, until 2023, following the protocol of intent that signed with MICSports last February. “The Provincial Council has always been at the side of the MIC, for its commitment to the of training; for the promotion of values such as coexistence and effort, and also for the ability of the event to bear the name of the Costa Brava around the world», President Miquel Noguer said to conclude.