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The Reale Arena wants to smile at last in the Copa del Rey – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Reale Arena wants to smile at last in the Copa del Rey - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Reale Arena wants to smile at last in the Copa del Rey. The real sociedad’s hobby does not yet know what it is to enjoy a great night of copera in its remodeled stadium. Since the renovation work began on the stadium of the Donostiarra neighborhood of Amara, the txuri-urdin team has played three Cup qualifiers at home, with a very negative background. He failed to win in either match ahead of his supporters and was eliminated. They say the third one’s overdue, and that’s what they cling to in the Donostiarra locker room.

The Relationship of the Royal with the Copa del Rey it’s not exactly idyllic in recent years. His stadium was not going to be any less. And since the reform, he still doesn’t know what it’s like to qualify for a copera playoff. Two seasons ago, in 2017-18, when the renovation works were in its initial phase, he visited Anoeta The Lleida Second B, after the donostiarras won in the first leg. The Real stood ahead, but the Leridan team picked him up unbelievably to win 2-3 and star in another of the painful episodes of the Txuri-Urdin in the Cup. Then, last season, with the most advanced redevelopment works, anoeta visited the Betis. Imanol Sheriff had just come to the realistic bench. In the first leg they tied goalless, and in Anoeta The Real was unable to take advantage of the field factor and tied 2 and was again eliminated in front of their hobby.

Now it’s the Espanyol in 1/16 of this new Copa del Rey to a one-time match until the semi-finals. It will be the first playoff at the Reale Arena and already completely renovated and closed, the first single match qualifier. And many believe it has touched a joy. But Real has had one of only two qualifiers between Primera teams. So you’ll have to sweat, as much as Espanyol is the colist of First and it looks like the Cup has plenty. In addition, the last copero precedent between Real and Espanyol dates back to the 1977–78 season, and was negative for the donostiarras, who fell to the parakeets.