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The RFEF wants teams to wear the Cup logo from quarters – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


In the SPORT newspaper we have been telling you about the regulatory proposals approved by the RFEF at its last Assembly on 16 December and which is pending to be transferred to the CSD. In the past few days we have told you about women’s football. Other changes to be considered lie in Article 111 on the advertising of transgaming.orgswear. The intention from the RFEF is that the official logo of the Copa del Rey, in this new format premiere, will be displayed for longer on the shirts of the participating teams.

03/01/2020 at 18:48


Ramon Fuentes

Until now, and in accordance with current regulations, this KO tournament logo was only mandatory at the end of the KO. In the proposal approved by the RFEF just a few weeks ago, they intend that this symbology will be present since the quarter-final playoff. In this way it would involve appearing in four qualifiers as opposed to the current one: quarter-final match, two semi-finals and the final itself.

The proposed modification from the RFEF also includes the teams necessarily displaying the official logo of the “championship in the Spanish Super Cup”. Something that did not exist until now in that article and which also wants to change the federal status, in the absence of ratification by the DSU Directive Commission. Something that won’t be viable for it to be effective in the imminent first edition of the tournament in Saudi Arabia next week.

While this does not remove the equipment from showing it if they come to an agreement with the RFEF itself. The article also includes all Teams of the National Futsal League, both First and Second Division, having to display the RFEF logo. Unlike today where they only carry the lNFS logo. It is true that the articulation itself includes that this option in futsal will be mandatory “unless the agreement with the LNFS is established otherwise”.